Two years ago today.- The Laundromat encounter.

A year ago – The account of the Fisher king

Surfing elfwood… there is such a great range of talent there… from the “Who gave that monkey a colored stick” to “Holy moley, that’s fantastic!” Moderator’s choice can sometimes help to find the niftier images, unless you prefer to graze the gazillion piccies there one at a time. This guy has done a great job with sculpey. I was looking for 3-d art this time, and discovered that sculpey works as a keyword! fimo’s next.

I like this girl’s stuff, too. I’ve got to get some of that glow in the dark sculpey.

Leftovers tonight… oh, tofu, thou art mighty.

Sculpey, sculpey, sculpey. say it with me. it’s a fun word. Polymers rock.

Oh, my ears and whiskers… ERASER CLAY! You can make erasers!

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