On my formative years… Saturday mornings when I was seven.

I was *always* torn at 11ish… Ark II vs. Krofft supershow vs. Land of the Lost.

Ark II had a talking chimp.

Krofft – the colors! the spandex! the bay city rollers. I remember seeing them singing Saturday night.

Land of the Lost… Sleestaks and Dinosaurs. I hated the humans on the show, though. I sided with the reptiles.

Possibly Scotto’s secret origin?

The best list of possible band names ever.

This makes me think of sweetalyssm‘s puppyfrog. Good plan, crab of ineffable wisdom!

Some paper models (in French)
More paper models
Paper models
Notice a theme here
Paper models, made for 1inch squares
Can’t get away from this paper
And Cardboard, the bigger brother of paper
It’s now foam core, but it’s covered in paper
WizKids news and stuff
Official page by Wizkids, get rules and image gallery
Rules for Blitz, Football with HC
Maps and other neat stuff
News and Forums

Off to do laundry, and morning cleaning chores!

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