Mission accomplished… Dan and I had a nice time, quiznos for lunch and an afternoon of miniatures combat. Newt was very well behaved and quite lovey to Dan. And was good about not getting on the table while we were playing.

Good food and good company… no complaints, right?

I don’t envy Dan’s surgery this morning. The final size of the two bits they took… a 1-inch diameter circle and a slightly smaller bit from the side of his nose. He’s going to have to clean and redress it fairly often… the final close on it was decent, though. I suspect it’ll heal with a very minimum of noticeable scars.

He brought me butterfinger bites, and a few new figs.. Very nice! Blizzard and quicksilver, along with some shield grunts.

He had a turkey sub, and water… I had veggie and gatorade… the pretzels were never opened, but he liked the peanuts.

like the ol’ days when we gamed all the time pic

Well, looks like they’ve gone in for another look. Danny’s got to wait again on this dig.

I’m back, got some pretzels, baby carrots and dill dip, diet coke, Gatorade, and dropped off the mail that needed to go out today.

I’m looking at my heroclix, and thinking that I could custom do a few different figures… it seems a bit rough, but I think that kingpin will be the simplest one to start with for myself…because he’s bald and broad. I may modify a Hercules, too, just to have a kilt. 🙂 Depending on what outfit my sweetie picks, I’m guessing jean grey, or scarlet witch will do the trick for her. I feel that thug will be a good one for my brother, again, because he’s bald, and easy to make a long-haired male figure from. quicksilver is closer to his body-type, though… maybe I’ll use that one, or hydra operative.… I’m going to use the operative for Danny, too… shave off the gun, and paint it more domestic.

For Newton and Blackie.. I’m going to have to get some o-scale cats, or make ’em out of femo. still debating giving Blackie a little mouse or bird on his stand. (Newt’ll have a teeny version of his stuffed tick toy)

Or… I may say the heck with it, after painting the first one.

Some cool props, here.… I really like the pizza boxes… a good prop for the bro. 🙂 and Chinese takeout, for me.

I was delighted to see the Halloween promotions already in full swing… thoughts of cooler nights, happy children, costumes and candy…. that brings a smile to my face.

Autumn’s on it’s way… less than a month to go!

Newt’s wake up patty-pats found me in good humor when I awoke… and we kitty-wrestled for about a half hour before I managed to wear him out. He’s a goof… purrs like a lawnmower when we duke it out.

I need to get a lint brush to pick up his fuzz-droppage off of the futon, though. orange and cream, while complimentary to the forest green of the upholstery, has a high contrast.

Danny just called, and is still at the doctor’s… they’re going to section what they removed, and decide if they need to take more. Meantime, I’m going to make a refreshment run, and get a few minor chores done before he calls back (expected in about an hour.)

interesting development –

one in four employees spend more than an entire workday online each week surfing non-work-related web sites

Until later, dear journal!