ugh… I couldn’t watch more than 3 minutes of that Anna Nicole show.

It *was* like watching an accident, but I had to look away. Too much gore.

back, you denizens of deepest dark!

back! you murderous mockeries of mortal men!

what I saw in my head on Friday.

creatures inside

They all live in there. Contrary to what you might think, the skull is more about blissful blank thought than evile. Angry ant is just misunderstood.

best set of search words for my site this month –

Google south florida sun-sentinel zombies land on beach

I’m proud to say that I’m #1 on google for beached zombies.

My apartment is about two blocks on the right and maybe four blocks behind the camera. The pringles potato chip looking on the left is the park where the singing fountain is.

I bet you won’t find this in a kid’s book these days –

From Chapter four of The Emerald City of Oz, by L. Frank Baum.

“I want you to march this army through an underground tunnel, which I am going to bore, to the Emerald City of Oz. When you get there I want you to conquer the Oz people, destroy them and their city, and bring all their gold and silver and precious stones back to my cavern. Also you are to recapture my Magic Belt and return it to me. Will you do this, General Crinkle?”

“No, your Majesty,” replied the Nome; “for it can’t be done.”

“Oh indeed!” exclaimed the King. Then he turned to his servants and said: “Please take General Crinkle to the torture chamber. There you will kindly cut him into thin slices. Afterward you may feed him to the seven-headed dogs.”

“Anything to oblige your Majesty,” replied the servants, politely, and led the condemned man away.

Italics mine.

rated PG

hey! I did an oz post, one year ago today, too!

I need to put up some wind chimes. There’s a nice breeze in the courtyard.

They’re making a hellboy movie? That’s wacky… it’ll be a major stinker, or a sweet, sweet piece of candy. I’m hoping for candy. I look forward to seeing how such stylized are will look as a “live action” sort of thing. Ron Perlman is a good pick for him… I wonder how Abe Sapien will turn out?

Skipping the Jazz brunch…too hot and crowded. I did swing by long enough to get a strawberry-lemonade punch and an arepa, though. The music that I did manage to hear was pleasant, though more like the islands than classic jazz.

Anna Nicole show is on tonight… not sure if I’ll tune in or not. Sort of like a traffic accident… I shouldn’t look, but I’m curious.

mind-bending bunny

Cancerless Cigarette? -The Air-2 Vapir Kit from Advanced Inhalation Revolutions aims to deliver tobacco’s “vital essence” while eliminating its heath hazards.

Instead of burning tobacco, the Vapir Kit heats it and then emits its vapors so smokers can get a nicotine buzz with up to 99 percent fewer carcinogens, according to the company director Shaahin Sean Cheyene.

A moment is eternal… for as long as it lasts.

Ahhh… back from getting groceries. Hooray for a bike with a cargo space! I got a good workout, because I wanted to get ice cream home before it’d melt. A grand experiment. Looks good!

Cherry chocolate chip!

I have too many friends that take the wrong things seriously. Like looking for gritty realism in a BEM movie. They should be appreciating the real story in signs, I think, and not yelping about plot holes… I liked the flick, but a few plot inconsistencies, and many of the geeks I know are treating it like it’s coated in Ebola monkey feces. Pooties on them! They don’t get that it’s a framing technique and that the real story is what’s important.

Ah well.

Moment of Zen –

In my young days I never
Tasted sorrow. I wanted
To become a famous poet.
I wanted to get ahead.
So I pretended to be sad.
Now I am old and have known
The depths of every sorrow,
And I am content to loaf
And enjoy the clear autumn.
– Hsin Ch’i Chi
(Translated by Kenneth Rexroth)

Hmmm – “Most L.A. theater productions get a standing ovation. Are we less discerning, more easygoing or just polite?” Most theatre I’ve gone to does this too…I was wondering if it was a politeness thing, too. I personally like to show appreciation to performers, and to respond to them.