A picture of a tombstone got me to thinking….

Discovered that the only email I seem to get from Bigfoot is spam, anyway. Let it bounce, I say.

bigger tombstone, actual scribble sizebetter looking shrunkenI feel that the resized version actually helps the tombstone out… smoothes it more comfortably, and kills the jaggies.

Reflecting on the little service tunnels in the Boynton Beach mall. when they were building it, my brother and I would run around in there, and I played lazer tag (that spelling always bugged me… it’s LASER! Acronym! Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation! Like SCUBA, or NASA) in them with my buddies at the time. The perfect place to run and hide was underneath the escalators being built… reminds me…when I was a child, I remember having nightmares about escalators. They were in department stores, so underneath them, bathed in the green light, lived the mannequins. Where else would they live when they weren’t wearing clothes? a whole nation of subterranean naked mannequins…maybe it’s just me, but it’s still sort of scary.

I just looked at the mall food directory… the Taco Viva (yikes… whose nephew did they get to do the homepage?) I first worked at is gone. Fun times in the giant freezer, with rubber gloves full of frozen “el scorcho” sauce, set up to look like a lopped off arm… the mop dipped in hot water, and then slapped against the roof, freezing it there. I wonder which place replaced it? I didn’t know that Taco Viva, like Burger King and Miami Subs got its start in South Florida… I wonder if it’s just a local phenomenon? Weird… the first Taco Viva that ever opened was launched exactly a year and a day before I was born. I still remember the horrible Clint Eastwood “Mirage” commercials of folks lost in the desert, only to find a Viva oasis… (MM! over salted, spicy food when you’ve been trapped in thirsty heat!) When the person said “MmmM! Great taco, it all evaporated, because “he didn’t say viva…” “When you say taco, say viva” was the tagline. This is what the viva looked like, to a degree. A 3-d drawing of the old place… very strange seeing it like that, something like 17 years later. Thing is, they have far better food than Taco Bell… fresher, better portions, and serve beer with the meal in the food court. When I gamed with the Colinas, it was a regular mall staple. (Though they eventually turned me on to the much cheaper bell )Now I wonder if there are any Perkins or Lums left. (After research, Perkins, big yes, Lums… mehbeh.)

Anyhow, running around the mall after hours, whooping loudly, and laughing with the big security guard guy… what was his name? PJ? Something like that. I can’t remember but he was a nice guy, though sort of creepy because he was 30ish and seemed immature to us 16-year-old guys. A giant empty mall is the best place to play lazer tag, ever. Especially if you have two teams of about six people each.

Parting Quote from Norville “Shaggy” Rogers –

Hey, lady! Like, I thought this was America? I don’t want to live in a country where four hippies and a talking dog can’t have the freedom to catch fake ghosts with the occasional help of Phyllis Diller or the Harlem Globetrotters! That’s my America! And while you may not agree with my opinion, you’re not gonna change it!

Last but surely not least…

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