Finn pissed off Kev today. Dumb dumb dumb. He’s her only strong supporter….burning bridges, she is. Fury is short, memories are long.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day…. Cyndi lauper and the bookstore in the morning, art fair in the afternoon, and hanging out with Dave at night…. keeping him company while his wife and her pals have a girls’ night out. I’m glad it’s a long weekend ahead, so I have time to do some resting up afterwards… I want to spend some nice quality time with my sweetheart, too, on Sunday or Monday… (or both! 🙂 )

Neat… photos from an area near my town.… small world, LJ!

My brother said that someone came by my house today when I wasn’t home… no note on the door.. I wonder if Mio accepted a package for me? I’ll find out tomorrow, I guess.

I got my computer desk home tonight, so I’ll assemble that sometime this weekend… maybe tonight?

Heeeeeeere I come to save the dayyyyyy…. (again)….

another “emergency”. Heck, I know that I’m earning my keep, anyhow.

Dale called in with a migraine, and Kev’s not in to work yet, so they’re coming so I can get there early. Early being between 45 and 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Dingalings…it’s not like we traffic in organs or anything that’s *THAT* time-sensitive. I don’t mind, though… free ride to work and I’ll bug out a half-hour or so early today. Hopefully that’ll translate into a half-hour more time with my sweetie before tucking her in… I suspect she’s going to be sleepy after her busy day today.

See you later, dear journal!