Lappie is now 2000. Hooray! much better than “WinMe”. all of his drivers are working… I just have to get big brain twiddled so that Lappie can share big brain’s internet, files and printing. The Laptop didn’t like the 2000 drivers too much… fortunately I had a crack team of netsurfers downloading video, modem, and assorted other OS pieces for me. 🙂

I should have Big brain home and back online tomorrow night…. I’m guessing that maybe 30 minutes more of work will complete the little remainder.

Thinking about my sweetheart, and hoping that she’s having the most pleasant of dreams. I’m going to join her in snoozetown shortly.

Goodnight, dear journal.

“Nought may endure but Mutability.”
–Percy Bysshe Shelley

Okie… taking apart big brain for the move to work shortly…

I’m a little nervous about taking them both to work, just because it’s all of my techno-loot… I’d hate to lose my online abilities from home for too long. (Hopefully, both will make it home in one piece tonight.)

Unhappy dreams last night… but I’m happy to have awakened to the discovery that they were just dreams. I don’t like losing people that I love.