My Brother brought over a package for me that he signed for yesterday… It’s invader zim! 32 episodes of tasty, freaky, Zimmy goodness. Thanks dcl! Coolio Labels, too. I look forward to watching them with much pleasure. I’ll get to learn how my DVD drive deals with VCDS.

Newt’s taken to giving me a pre-dawn wakeup call again. I need to find his settings, and adjust him to “one hour after dawn, or so”. At least I’ve found his snooze button… soft fuzzy underbelly.

Fun fact – French are born with tails, which are later removed.

Word of the day – fumbuckery. (I dig spoonerisms.) It describes the functionality of midday meetings.

I want to make homemade ice cream by rolling a bucket back and forth to my sweetie. Strawberry, maybe.

Chuck E. Cheese can cause nostalgia, and nightmares. I tend to side with Mr. Munch.

If you think your pregnancy test should be private, wait until you read this. The new Florida adoption law says that if you don’t know the father of your baby and you want to let someone adopt the baby, you have to list all the possible fathers of your child in the newspaper.

When background searches fail to locate the birth father, the mother must place legal notices about the adoption in a local newspaper where the child was conceived.

In the notice, the mother must list her name, describe herself, name or describe the possible father or fathers and list the date and the city or county of conception.