nice chat with my sweetheart… Saxon thoughts and lots of reflection. I like when ideas provoke deeper thought.

I got my ebay auction today, but he forgot one of the parts.. I emailed him, and he’s sending it along presently… jinkies. well, at least the rest is here.

I had a relaxing lay-down… played the recorder for a bit and had some dreamy thoughts… in a little bit, I’m going to go over to my bro’s and we’re going to have a little gab. He wants to help clear the cobs… he kicked out his roomie today. (no point in having one, if they guy can’t pay his rent) I think that after clearing the air, we’re going to have cookies and play some heroclix. Good for what ails ya.

Work looks like the social-boat is going to be rocking the next few weeks… We promoted Hoi to the head of the mail shop… something he deserves. He has the ability to be seven places at once, so more power to him.

It looks like tomorrow night’s “movie in the park” is Monty Python & The Holy Grail. It’s free, so I think that’ll be a nice thing to take the bro to go see… we can pick up some slurpees and hang out. Maybe we can launch a little early and catch a bite of din din, too.

Shows coming up… All look good! if you look on my bio-page.. the sun sentinel cam. the thing that looks like a potato chip is where it’s showing.

Saturday, September 28, 8pm THE MASK OF ZORRO
Saturday, October 26, 7:00pm MEN IN BLACK
Saturday, November 23, 7:00pm INDIANA JONES:THE LAST CRUSADE
Saturday, December 21, 7:00pm MIRACLE ON 34th STREET

The Maroone Moonlight Movie is free and presented at the DDA Plaza in downtown Fort Lauderdale (southeast corner of Andrews Avenue & Las Olas Boulevard. Bring your blanket, beach chair or sit on the risers in the band shell. Your welcomed to bring your own cooler…but drinks and snacks will also be on sale each month by a different non-profit civic group. For further information call 954-525-FILM.

Anyone who wants to come, and look for a big hairy hippie and his brother is welcome!

The days are getting visibly shorter lately…The sun has officially set by 8pm, and it makes reading more difficult.

Work wants me to make them a website. I don’t think I want to make one for them… I’m not sure… I guess I’ll do my best, give them something that looks like the company’s brochure, and hope for the best… it’ll be a change of duty… but somehow, I don’t want to go into doing a lot of web page design for the company…or, if I do, I want to be paid accordingly for more responsibility and a broader spectrum of skills put to use. I doubt that’ll happen. (Especially since my design sense is spartan. I’m much better at programming and keeping interfaces simple, rather than the many bells and whistles that clients might want for a website.) That’s one of those things that has very little definition, and I fear “Too many chefs” syndrome… Building a website for these guys is going to be an exercise in micromanagement and nit-pickery. When I write a program for the company, I know that there’ll be set resolution sizes, no unusual ways of loading the program (like a non-standard browser / Netscape / opera, etc) and no diphthongs asking for “Hey, have something that chases the mouse with the company logo on it!” I must make a point of keeping an open mind… it could be fun. No more negativity, Scotto… deal with it as it comes.

I like the new Tori single. (Big shock there.)

You know blogging has become passé when a soap opera creates blogs “written” by two of its characters.

Watched a little 700 club this morning. He’s got some severe logic issues, as well as a lot of internal hate. I went online to find a transcript of today’s show, to reference …it’s not available yet. When my spiders bring it back, I’ll have more to say. Long story short, the guy’s a racist and has a lot of intolerance. Something about “Judge Not” is ringing in my ears.

Payday. I hope It gets off to a kinder roll soon.