some choice sound bites from the reparations experts., found at this well-written entry.

I certainly agree with –

“And given the hate-filled, divisive rhetoric espoused at Saturday’s rally (none of which is new), I strongly oppose the reparations movement, as it only serves to salt the wounds of division between blacks and whites in America as opposed to healing them. Such divisiveness must be opposed, and to hell with those who are bent on keeping blacks shackled to a blinding mindset of hate and supremacy in the misguided quest for another government handout.

Yes, slavery is a blemish upon this country that will never be erased nor denied. No sum of money will ever make it disappear or change the course of history. The anger and rage being fomented for reparations would best be applied to confronting present-day black-on-black slavery taking place in African nations such as Sudan and Mauritania, or pressuring the Arab world to free their slaves.

Today, black Americans are free. We are free to come and go as we please, live where we want, be educated in the schools and colleges of our own choosing, and excel as high as we want to in any profession that we choose. The only limitations out there are the ones we set for ourselves.

Blacks are leaders in academia, government, industry, the arts, entertainment, science, medicine, and athletics. To paraphrase James Brown, the successful ones didn’t wait for anyone to give them anything. They took advantage of open doors (or opened those doors on their own initiative) and got it for themselves. It would be a slap in the face to many of those who sacrificed, worked hard, and overcame the odds to suggest that shaking down the government some more would have cured the ills of the past.”

Next time I go to the store, I’m going to get some cake mix. I’m in the mood for yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Or cupcakes.

holy cow… tarpo put me on to this.. very addictive. Something therapeutic about pushing a stick man down stairs. the camera angles are evil!

my best score is 69,580. Top online real score 835,651.

I’m fresh off the phone with Dave. He’s got some sort of Mac Virus that’s changing all of this data to Pc format, or some such. I really couldn’t help him out too much… he’s using os 9ish, and my strengths are really on Unix & Windows type machines.

First rule of business… *back up your data files regularly*.

I think that he’ll be ok, but has a few hours of fix-up ahead of him…. no envy here.

I’m glad that B-boy is doing well…I was concerned about his health… speaking of which, my brother’s getting better, but slowly. He’s been cutting back on the smokes… one pack every three days, rather than a pack a day… I hope that he can shave it down to removing it.

Looks like he’s kicking his roommate out… something like the fourth month in a row he couldn’t pull his side of the rent. (The roomie can go live with his mom, until he gets his act together). I agree with the bro’s decision… the roomie’s not landing in the street.

I’m not looking forward to the anniversary of Sept 11… I fear it’ll be a big political bit of noise. I know that I had enough trouble the first time around.

I forgot to mention earlier that at the toy store, aside from the recorder, I picked up a little 25mm scale play set with a police station, fire station, parking garage, a few civilians to go with the police and firemen, a fountain with a horse stature in the middle, a couple of trees, assorted vehicles including a paddy wagon, helicopter, fire engine, and a little train engine and tanker car. Cheap for $10. (Marked down from $15) Newton had a field day with all the twist-ties that came with… and likes to sit inside the fresh cardboard box.

By the way… Yahoo maps doesn’t do the best route to the local bookstore…purple is the path that they choose… flashing red is mine. As an added bonus, I get to ride through the park, wave at the squirrels, and watch kids practice soccer. The other route goes far out of its way… I’d at least think that the path logic would go to 6th, and shoot straight north. Fewer lights, more direct route. image cut to spare folks not wanting to see a flashing pic.