scotophobia.... not to be confused with scottophobia. Click for a definition to pop up in a new window I suspect it was a spider.
It’s getting dark extra early… the glare was so bright that I couldn’t discern the bus from any of the other assorted miscellaneous trucks on the road until it had practically passed me by. In addition, I got a little tickly sensation on my ankle waiting.. it went away after I’d adjusted my pant leg, but I’m not sure what it was… I have my suspicions, though.

oh, by the way, I beat Dan in combat both times yesterday. I don’t think that’ll happen again… I only have successful tactics vs. him once, and then he learns form his mistakes… fortunately, he keeps me on my toes, forcing me to think up new methods each time. it’s a good opponent who does that.

this is your brain on vb, sql, and c# I had rather a scattered day at work… I had a very real need to just goof off, but had too much work on my plate to do so…even so, I caught my mind wandering quite a little bit. Flights of fancy about the coming Halloween, and plans for this weekend. Some cool happenings this go-round… Las Olas Art Fair (supposedly on of the top 100 in the country.) Though I’m not looking to get any art, the food will be tasty, and the people-watching exquisite… plus all manner of nifty craft window-shopping. I'll be taking my bike... like the picture? I drew it without looking at the palm tablet at all!

Cyndi Lauper free show Saturday 12:30-2pm at the Barnes and Noble by the Galleria…. I’m going to make a point of being there early to get a good seat, and hopefully find a few nice books too while I’m there. It’s going to be an all-acoustic set… I hope that the turnout is of a respectable size, but small. It’d be neato to perhaps get an autograph… I really dug her when I was younger, though I’ve not heard much of her work in recent years… plus, I liked The Goonies and Vibes.

Finally, a woman I saw on the bus… just to polish off my palm piccies. 😉 I don’t think she knew I was doodling her.
she was old, and had a hoodie on... she had a friendly face, though