Got the LL… he says it’ll be 20-25 minutes.

He couldn’t bother to call, apparently. Not once in the many hours late that he’s running.

I’m calling it a day. By the time I make it into work, it’ll be time for me to head out. Unless Kev says that I must come in, I’m going to stay here.

Looking forward to getting the stuff I won on ebay… he got his paypal on Thursday, so I’m hoping he mailed the stuff out on Friday or Saturday. If I don’t see my goodies by the end of the week, I’ll write a little note and remind him. (Nice thing about paypal is that it’s like using a credit card… you can hammer scammers.) He seems like a good guy, though… 588 unique positives, 9 neutrals, and 7 negatives.

Phew… I now know what this apartment is lacking… Ceiling fans! I’m going to have to pick up a box fan I think.

Why drug dealers shouldn’t call 1-900 numbers.

oh, Miss Cleo… you’re in trouble again.

Sakes. I’m still waiting here… landlord is away from his phone. I was supposed to be at work an hour ago. Work knows that I’m running late, so all should be ok. People that don’t stick to the schedule that hey themselves set is a pet peeve of mine. Fortunately, all my bases are covered at work right now. Nobody’s out, and my project is ahead of schedule.

That went pretty well, but not what I was looking for. Home, and swapping out to sandals. Ugh. Pod doesn’t like covers on his root-system.

Landlord just took my A/C unit, and will be returning with it, or a replacement shortly. He’d better boogie, I have to get off to work.


Giant grasshoppers rampage in Florida. Experts advise hitting them with a 2 x 4.

I’ve never encountered them, however I would like to see what a grasshopper sneer looks like.

I’m tired of pushing the man down the stairs, but I’m going to hang onto the program.

Well, I’m off to my morning appointment before work. I hope that it’s worth my time. I think it will be, even if it’s just as learning and getting the ball-rolling sort of experience… I need to get a feel for it again.

One of my rules of thumb is to not borrow trouble…plenty will find me on its own.

I was talking with my sweetie about Stonehenge the other night… and through one thing and another, I’ve found the Megalithic Album Cover Collection. The Stone Pages have photos of nearly 500 different archaeological sites with stone monuments.

I’m off. See you tonight, if not sooner, dear journal.