Whee! Deadly toys I had as a boy!

Hey… the poem tag project has its own domain now…http://www.poemtag.com/

Route 1 goes by the twelve dragons. Maybe I’ll take a look at that next weekend…maybe pick up an assortment of little plastic dudes. Maybe some Mechwarriors, or Mage Knight figs. Fun to mix it up. I bet that I can get my sweetie into it if I get some that look like gundams.

Practicing the recorder, and it’s officially back… it took a few days to get the fingering back up to speed, but once there, it’s like second nature again. I’m very pleased.

I’m taking this coming Wednesday off to hang out with Dan… He’s having some skin cancers removed in the morning, and I thought it’d be a good thing to help him keep his cheer high, and mind off of his troubles a bit. Plus, I’ll enjoy a little time off in midweek. Bonnie’s program is done, so my only projects ahead of me are regular duties, the web page, and whatever else pops up. I’m hoping that the shakeup in the mailshop isn’t going to be too rough, with big bird leaving.

A year ago, I was telling a pirate joke, abandoning an idea for selectivity on my website and basking in the glow of the touch and thought of my sweetheart. Two years ago, I was telling someone that I’d had my septum removed, and had my blood replaced with instant coffee by aliens.

114 years ago-

A plant grows in Mexteca, Mexico, which the natives call the “herb of prophecy.” A dose of it produces sleep similar in all respects to the hypnotic state. The subject answers with closed eyes all questions that are put to him, and is completely insensible. The pathologic state brings with it a kind of prophetic gift and double sight. Furthermore he loses his will and is completely under the control of another. On returning to himself he remembers nothing of what he has done.

-Excelsior Cottager, August 25, 1888

My sweetie’s going to be pleased… looks like she’s going to get some major rain this week, from Tuesday, on. Tonight, I have a soft patter of rain, and it looks like it’ll last out the week, too, sporadically. I’m glad of that…it’ll take care of the plants, and maybe keep things nice and cool. I’m tired of the hurricane andrew retrospectives everywhere… yes, we had a lot of rough weather and hard times a decade ago. Is it worth talking about on the news every night for the last two weeks? Nope! How about a few human interest stories that take place in the now?

ci‘s baby had a *very* cute hello kitty dolly… HK dressed in a little tiger suit. as a side note, HK is 28 years old, having been introduced to the public in ’74. I may have to get the toy for someone ‘peshoo.

I’d like to buy a vending machine to keep at work… I bet that I could make a mint. Something to look into.

I was obliged to put a big “no junk mail” sign on my mailbox yesterday, under my address…. on Saturday, it was *choked* full of pointless flyers and paper-waste. I’m glad that the local PO has rules about that stuff, and listens.

Ah… I see a little kitty that wants to chase a milk ring.

and so, dear journal…

I have a journey, sir, shortly to go;
My master calls me, I must not say no.

Nigh nigh.

Light objects
Mailbox (outdoor) – Adds 1 to attacker’s Damage rating
Crate (outdoor) – +2 squares range when thrown
Desk (indoor) – May be used normally to attack or add 2 to user’s Defense versus one attack. The desk is destroyed when used.
Bookcase (indoor) – Add 1 to attacker’s Attack rating.

The heavy objects are:
Dumpster (outdoor) – Object is never destroyed. The player that used it places it in any square adjacent to the target after use.
Computer (indoor) – Adds 1 to attacker’s Attack rating.
Soda Machine (indoor) – Add 1 to attacker’s Damage.
Light Post (outdoor) – Object does normal damage for a heavy object and Incapacitates the target as if the attacker has the Incapacitate super power.

Well, I got Dave hooked on heroclix… he placed an order for mage knight this morning. I have to send him a link to the full rules, here. http://www.mkrules.net/MageKnightRules.htm

Did my groceries, and cleaned house. How’d I generate so much trash this week? all the supplies ran out, so the packaging for litter, assorted food, and such really bulked it up.