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9200 – Wednesday

Egg-dying tonight! Tina, Adam, possibly in-laws and BHK for coloring chicken ovals! Pictures to follow tomorrow, no doubt. Chris is a bit late picking me up, so I can keyboard away at this for a little bit.

Haiku in my brain –

that piece of paper
covered in doodles and such
where did I put it?

50 things I’ve done meme continues with item 37. I…

37.’was the data librarian for the Atari computer club, back when Atari actually made a home computer or twelve that were actually useful as office-type gizmo as well as game machines. I had an 800XL with a bank of happy chip modded 1050 floppy drives that I used for a BBS, but I also had an Atari ST, that I learned the bulk of my first usable programming knowledge on. (LOGO on the TI-99/4a notwithstanding – come to think of it, I did some Spirograph stuff on the ST, too.) When the club dissolved, I was left with a huge crate of free software… including some nifty CAD stuff, and a pile of MIDI music software. I dabbled for a while with both, but the programming was more interesting to me at the time. I suspect if you asked me now, I’d be fooling with a keyboard and midi cables. I built my first homebrew sound digitizer on the ST, and used it mostly to do startup, shutdown noises.. not to mention the occasional silly soundboard program.

Chewbacca is quite the dapper Victorian don’t you think?

Via sci-fi scanner – Doctor Who Originally Conceived As an Insane, Malevolent LSD Junkie


Everyone knows Doctor Who: He’s the malignant alien time-traveler hopping around the galaxy in an invisible UFO, right? With eyes filled with madness and a heart dripping with hate, he constantly pops tabs of LSD to relive the horrors of his immortal past. When he’s not under the throes of a hallucinogen-induced bender, he is using his time-traveling UFO to pop into the past and stop the caveman from inventing the wheel, Isaac Newton from discovering gravity and Gutenberg from inventing the printing press… all to consolidate a horrific vision of the future that is entirely of his insane devising. Right? Right?

Well, no, of course not: The good Doctor is a benevolent force who hops around the universe in his TARDIS, trying to do good deeds and help the people he loves whenever possible. But bizarrely, this was not the original idea for Doctor Who, as the notes coming out of the BBC’s archives make clear. Rather, he was originally brainstormed to be an insane, malevolent LSD junkie.

“A feature of the new Doctor will be the humour along the lines of the sardonic humour of Sherlock Holmes. The metaphysical change which takes place over 500 years or so is a horrifying experience… in which he relives some of the unendurable moments of his long life…” the archives read. “It’s as if he has had the LSD drug and instead of experiencing the kicks, he has the hell and dank horror which can be its effect.”

Needless to say, the producer shot this idea down, giving us the good Doctor we’ve all grown to love. But, my god. I would kill for this vision of the Doctor: an insane, time-traveling Dr. Gregory House.

A reactionary on a bad LSD trip – Doctor Who?

Say what you want about Obama, but that’s a heck of a speech right there. No doubt I’m the 1,795,403,543rd news source to mention it this morning.

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8988 – tues

Went to the in-laws after work for a junk-food delight – veggie chili dogs, fries, and corn. I was totally beat – BHK and I fairly ate and ran. About all I did before going to bed was make a few game moves… didn’t even really read before hitting the sack.

Memory Issues- and it’s not like I did a lot of drinking, drugs or had blunt head trauma as a kid. That I recall, anyhow.

I don’t remember a lot about my childhood. Sometimes, it seems like I only recall stuff from high-school onwards, and it’s been that way for a very long time. Sure, there’s the odd tv show, or family outing… but the majority is missing without something to spark a memory. Written journals help some.

I don’t remember when I first learned to read.

I don’t really remember when my parents divorced, or how we were told that they were splitting up.

I don’t remember getting to the hospital where my father died…how I got there, who was with me. I remember seeing him on the bed, with the monitors running.

I only vaguely remember moving out of the house at 17, over thanksgiving.

I don’t remember much of my time spent at home at age 15-16, outside of working on the old Atari 800 bbs.

I don’t remember reading many of my childhood books… I remember the stories, but not the actual running of my eyes over the words.

I only remember a few of my classmates, and the bulk of those were in high school. I do remember my friends in first grade, and my fellow safety patrol members in 5th.

I remember members of my social groups – gaming, music, theater, and so on.

I can’t remember my fellow boy scouts, but I vaguely remember Mr Pierce, mostly because I went back to the same troop with BA and SJ during their scout phase.

I can remember a few of the gang from Civil Air Patrol… but I can’t recall my flight instructor at all. I know it was a man, but I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup.


Thoughts for Thursday night – The Palace of Wonders


Price: $6

Don’t miss this Congress of Curious People, this Circus of the Strange. This month, PROFESSOR SPROCKET presents a true cavalcade of the bizarre as The Weirdo Show makes its triumphant return to the Palace of Wonders!

– Swoon at the Comedic Burlesque of inimitable SHORTSTAXX!
– Be Amazed by the More Than Magic of the celebrated LIES OF BRIAN!
– Gasp at the Fabulous Fire Fans of the incredible MALIBU!
– Laugh at the Variety and Vaudeville Antics of the dynamic duo of DUTCH & DUPP!
– Be Astounded by the Super Hooping of the amazing STRANGE POWERS!
– Thrill to the Fantastic Fire Poi of the incomparable SILVER RAVEN!

Plus the Professor’s trademark pitches, ballies and grinds, including The Headless Woman and The Blade Box! At only six measly bucks, you can’t afford not to see this one!

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8820 – Misc Steve memories

Well, go figure! I post about Steve J, and he goes and finds my LJ. That makes 4 folks from high school reconnected! ( Clayton Griffin, Jim Goodmon, Steve Mancour and Steve Jacoby.)

It seems that SJ has been quite busy these last two decades or so. (I guess that’d follow!) He is now married, has a beautiful family, and has had broad assortment of careers. He still looks just the same – actually, probably a bit healthier than I remember. I imagine that chasing the little ones around helps a lot as a form of working out (in addition to martial arts training.) I was apparently way off on the Broward county search; He’s now on the opposite side of the continental USA in Seattle . When I got the reply to my last entry, I first thought it was from one of my LJ buddies having a prank on me. I was suspecting that perhaps Robert or some other Seattleite (Is that a word? Must be … spell-check seems to like it.) was pulling my leg. Not so – even though Steve Jacoby is a pretty common name on Google & Yahoo (The name of one of the victims from 9/11, not to mention countless others.) Beau Brumfield is less so – which led to his finding my LJ. Not sure how long he’d been reading it before yesterday when I mentioned that I’d like to hear from him – it’s been quite a while since he came up in online conversation.

Steve and I sort of lost touch after high school… he was focusing primarily on the Arts crowd and I’d slid into a more Technological Track. The last I’d heard, he had headed North to Tennessee (or perhaps Kentucky , as third hand information tends to degrade rapidly) when I was in college, and we never really kept up. He and I both gave up on Brent about the same time – Once BA started hanging out with Jaques and the LWC post-grad crowd, things degraded pretty rapidly. I sort of slid over to the James Dawsey / Robin Tunkel gaming crowd.

Random notes about Steve – both he and Brent were in my first car on the first day I was driving.

He had a VW that seemed to have one headlight perpetually out. My first experience with hearing an air-cooled engine. I can’t even guess at how many rides he gave me to places. I rode to school with Randy Leipzig (who later killed himself over a depression / girlfriend issue) and [whatshisname Justin, maybe? – curly haired guy w/ glasses.]

Horsing around the swimming pool at Lisa Gordon’s house (one of our first meetings with Lisa and Pam M), I went to push him into the water. And missed by about three feet. He got scraped up a bit, and I felt amazingly bad about it. Most likely I was especially guilty due to my being a show-off in front of Pam. Steve was a bit po’ed, but was a pretty dang good sport about it.

Pre-high school, when I went to Congress middle, he frequently helped me with my stuff onto the bus – a heavy book bag (1/3 school stuff, 2/3 reading materials not part of the curriculum D&D, generally) and a Tuba (or Baritone, depending on the day I was bringing stuff home)

Steve and I were both thugs in the LWC movie “The Arthurian Project”, and we made an assortment of goofy movies like “Raiders of the Lost Sock”. We both picked up on some very rudimentary stop motion techniques. I wonder if I still have that video tape in storage at the Deerfield Condo? Might be fun to digital transfer and post those.

All you can eat Po’ folks country fried steak night… Steve passed out and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I thought he was goofing at first.

Steve’s dad always had tastycakes on top of the fridge, and smoked.

Ken Krupowies lived not too far from Steve’s place.

Steve, Scott Clark and I playing impossible mission and eating pizza at Clark ’s place. Clark ’s mom had a gentleman caller, and we could hear them enjoying each other’s company through the wall. I made a little comment about it and Clark turned up the TV volume, and I was never invited back. Steve said it was because I left pizza under Clark ’s bed, but I really think it was my comment. When have I *ever* left pizza behind?

Of the old gang, Steve was the nice guy of the group, and I think probably the most physically durable.

We went on a few road trips here and there – Complete Strategist, other gaming stores, the Xanadu KFC, Kevin Cummin’s Father’s cabin

Steve’s silly recreation of Clayton Griffin’s Print shop obsession

“HE’S SO MAGIC!” – a la Flaming Carrot

Playing D&D with SJ, BA, LG, PM – pre-canned sessions of silly polyhedral stupidity, Arduin grimore dungeon crawl, with day-glo orange covers.

I need to flesh each of these out some more… so BHK knows what I’m talking about, at least.

Today at work, I had First Jolly rancher in about two decades – grape. Yum.

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8429 – Thursday again, yes it is.

Got some writing accomplished last night. Basic outline, some bits of dialogue. It’s not coming together in “freeflow” style I usually go for, but building on a planned skeleton seems to be working for me so far. 6 characters is a bit stereotypical so far… protagonist, romantic interest, street contact, police interface, villain and victim. I’ve got the method, but some aspects of the implementation aren’t quite on the beam. It wa skind of hard ot get rolling, but about 15 minutes in, the flow improved.

(Writing to Linda Ronstadt’s unreleased Keeping Out Of Mischief album certainly promotes noir. Got to love a good torch song from a voice like hers. Thank you, internet for obscure, but easy to download, lost vinyl!)

I would really like some of these USB Powered Air conditioned clothes in a Hawaiian print.

Bing, Bang Boing – The bounce-a-dilly whatchamagame with the bingaroony sound. (and the rnifty 70’s commercials) My neighbor Jason has the smash-up derby ssp racers, and they were a hoot. (via my my littler big sis, ldy)

Moment of music – mp3

Rotating head, keeps on the right side
Coiled up and tense remains on the lookout
Expects to be shot or get given the bullet.
Rotating head tries to look on the bright side of things.

8404 – BANGS! Monday Already? I feel like I’m still in the 70s.

Nice to be relieved of on-call by EN yesterday…. I really prefer to have my weekend to myself, if it can be helped. Lovely rain all day Sunday, and I didn’t do much in way of walkies, due to the foot boo-boo.

Feeling nostalgic for the mid-late 70s… Remembering imprints from the first decade of life, or thereabouts. Sort of funny…so many of folks I know and talk to regularly weren’t even protein yet in 1975. Oh, for the good ol’ days of eating Cap’n Crunch in front of the boob tube watching cartoons or whatnot before the sun has even come up, without a care in the world. Bro still just about 2 years old or so… My Dad about a decade younger than I am now, Momster even younger than that. Only responsibilities are not to wake anybody up.. maybe do a little coloring, or read a book about dinosaurs with word searches and connect the dots at the end of each chapter.

Even as a munchkin, I had to have mixed media piped into my skull… tv, reading, writing, coloring, action figures (or tiny ones, like army men/cowboys and indians cast in plastic).. usually all at the same time. I’m the only person I know that drew crayoned outlines on paper of my GI Joe and Hulk Dolls. Not that I was playing coroner, or anything. I just liked filling in the silhouettes in different poses as a kind of multicolored version of Hiroshima shadows, usually in multiple overlays.

I still remember that Hulk doll with the torn purple pants and the left leg repaired with a nut and bolt across the knee by my dad. More flashback-type stuff from that period.

From ZDNet:

The U.S. House of Representatives definitively rejected the concept of Net neutrality on Thursday, dealing a bitter blow to Internet companies like Amazon.com, eBay and Google that had engaged in a last-minute lobbying campaign to support it.

Juliabee put me onto heifer.org – Nifty sounding group to help teach folks self-reliance.

Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth and they do that by working with communities. Heifer provides families with training and a livestock gift. The family then has hope for a sustainable future and they in turn become donors by passing on the gift of the animal’s offspring to another family in need. Take a look at this video to learn more about this organization that helps families all over the world.

Some interesting packages… the honeybees, chicks and the goats, for example. (the other packages)

If we had more Zombies, we wouldn’t need to worry about gas prices.

zombie cart

Random Scotto factoid – I like the Smothers Brothers.

Moment of Lyric – (video)blondie_heart_of_glass

Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out had a heart of glass.
Seemed like the real thing, only to find mucho mistrust.
Love’s gone behind.

Once I had a love and it was divine.
Soon found out I was losing my mind.
It seemed like the real thing but I was so blind.
Mucho mistrust.
Love’s gone behind.

In between “what I find is pleasing” and “I’m feeling fine”, love is so confusing.
It’s no peace of mind if I fear I’m losing you.
It’s just no good, you teasing like you do.

Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out had a heart of glass.
Seemed like the real thing, only to find mucho mistrust.
Love’s gone behind.

Lost inside adorable illusion and I cannot hide.
I’m the one you’re using please don’t push me aside.
We could make it cruising, yeah.

Yeah, riding high on love’s true bluish light
Ooh ooh ooh whoa x4

Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out to be a pain in the ass
Seemed like the real thing, only to find mucho mistrust.
Love’s gone behind.

Hurricane Stuff via Infomaniac

A Failure to Communicate: Politics, Scams, and Information Flow During Hurricane Katrina in Searcher. Discussion of Websites, jornals and coverage from two library professionals at Western Washington U.

IbisEYE,hurricane forecasting tool (using Google Maps) from Sarasota herald tribune. Also has tracks of all Florida-landing storms since 1851. (I really dig this)

I had to seach the Far out Space Nuts… Youtube didn’t let me down.

Oh man… I forgot about Honky. Even at 6 years old, I put on the “aw, geez” face. Got to love the name “Honky” though.

Opening themeEnd Credits theme

See also Dr. Shrinker, Lost Saucer, Electrawoman and Dynagirl (I had a huge crush on Dynagirl… when I was 8.), Land Of The Lost

That really explains a lot of how I turned out.

Other Disturbing moments of TV history – the evoloution of Three’s Company – Pilot credits –

Three’s Company Unaired Pilot TV Theme #1– no lyrics, just “do dee do dee doot doo”

Three’s Company Unaired Pilot TV Theme #2

The strongest elements were there from the get-go, Jack and the Ropers.

Additional Schmaltz – Courtship of Eddies Father on youtube. At times, I’m a colossal sap.

For later ref – Tomi’s Vette


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8348 – Midweek! Humpty hump

I’m known as Scott von Berg (or searchble by the nickname of scottobear) on 6 degrees if you want to link to me.

I sent a few emails out, but got lazy.

Some old doodles on the palm, recently synched –

mad mood
doing an inventory of moods after a particularly bad moment. done about 2 weeks ago

Tired, blank. done earlier this week.

Surprising, because usually my doodles are happy-ish.

Well, with the exception of –


When I was little, I wished I could accurately throw a quarter hard enough to explode cinder block. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind having that ability now. Why did I want to explode cinder block? I don’t remember.

Pictures on the camera, one in the waiting room tweaked a bit. Pictures behind here

8179 – blah blah, yakkity-schmakkity.

http://veganlunchbox.blogspot.com/ – via the weezle! yummy vegan foodies – they put me onto vegan marshmallow fluff! Fluffernutters are a reality once more!

Hey, I got The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe as part of my prezzie from sedef and oneeyed. (the original 15-issue series bound in one “phone book”; this was the original OHOTMU. Issues 13 and 14 were the ‘Book of the Dead and Disabled’,featuring characters and groups who were, at the time, believed dead or inactive, and issue 15 was the ‘Book of Weapons,Hardware, and Paraphernalia’, featuring technical drawings of Iron Man‘s armor,Spider-Man‘s web-shooters and other notable characters’ equipment. The back of each issue in the series features a brief Appendix, giving one-line listings for minor and inactive characters.

Are there any classic, purely USA horrors? Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Giant Monsters, berserk Animals, Frankenstein, Ghosts… all so classic as to be pre-union.

Maybe it’s because the USA is such a young country. Slasher/Psycho predator Films are pretty American, but even Fritz Lang had M, but that’s a lot different than “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

Mad Scientists? Stevenson was Scottish and lived in Samoa, I think. I guess 1950’s style Alien Invasion? Sort of HG Wells… who was from the UK.

Zombies are pretty American, even if we’ve had walking dead stories more than 200 years ago.

Florida ren-fest started yesterday… one of the premiums I got for donating blood at FBC was free passes. (along with $15 for Darden restauants – My odds are best for olive garden.) First time donating at Boca rather than Lauderdale was no different an experience, but they have a lot more fun donation loot.

I wonder if Sammy ever got the manatee shirt I sent?

Did a little doodling followed by coloring with crayons this morning. I think that the smell of the crayons was almost more incentive to color than the drawings themselves. Nothing in particular, mostly flow of wrist doodles.

Anémic Cinéma – Marcel Duchamp’s visual Dada experiment from 1926.

Nosferatu – The original 1922 version of “Nosferatu – Eine Symphonie Des Grauens”, directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. – via wurzeltod

Fashion Freak – Who’d say no to car-washing zombie chicks? (via Bibi)

Getting cold in Florida (for Florida, anyhow) cooling to the upper 50s, low 60s today, and dropping into possibly freezing temps tonight from 32-39?

snagged from christinAlignment quiz

I got:

Based on your answers to the quiz, your character’s most likely alignment is Neutral Good.

Neutral Good

A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. The common phrase for neutral good is “true good.” Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias toward or against order.

–excerpted from the Player’s Handbook, Chapter 6

Went on walkabout for a bit yesterday afternoon, but before I hoofed it, Mom and Wilt came by to drop off some goodies that they were getting rid of… some nifty hand-painted wine glasses and a veggie steamer / pasta pot. I don’t drink… wine.

I’ve been wearing a lot of colored, but plain t-shirts lately. Before this year, I think that all of my t-shirts (except undershirts) had some kind of picture, logo or saying on it… I rather like having some non-descript clothes. More colors than usual, too, not just sweatshirt gray / black / olive drab. Current mix is forest green, navy blue, light blue, maroon, dark rust, and a (perhaps ill-advised) “happy face” canary yellow.

There was a time years ago when 95% of what I wore outside of work were goofy T-shirts. Favorites were the good ol’ comic book ones — Spidey Duking it out with the Green Goblin (actually, I think I got that one as a birthday present from GP and Kat in the early 90s), Nick Fury, Flaming Carrot, Silver Surfer, A few different Matt Wagner Mage shirts, a Doctor Blasphemy, and a Reid Fleming, world’s toughest milkman ensemble. Others were a Miskatonic University Alumnus and plain logo, and weirdly (because I didn’t much dig the movie) a “Dick Tracy” opening night ticket shirt.

Hm, This Journal entry is a nice combination of boring and dorky, Scotto! Proof positive that I write primarily for myself, because precious few others could possibly care about my t-shirt preferences. Heck, even I might not care a year from now, but for now, I like having comfy clothes that fit, and don’t promote anything at all.

If I’m going to be dorky, I may as well put a random picture of a monkey up –

cowboy gorilla

Cowboy Gorilla! Yee-Haw! Speaking of not drinking wine, I think he was a vampire briefly. Vampire Cowboy Gorilla. Yup. He also fought Yarn Man a lot. also, a Badge pinned directly on his pecs seems a bit rough. Ii admire his ability to shoot and whip at the same time, though.

I’ve got to call Val up and wish her a happy happy – I think she’s 48 today. I owe her and Bobby a hello, even without a b’day involved.

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8083 – Tuesday… back to work. Bleh!

GeotargetIf you haven’t yet, please install this security fix.

The Dan-man and I went out to an all-you-dare-eat buffet for Sushi/Thai/Chinese, and it was actually quite good. Afterward, we swung by Crabby Jacks to solve his caffeine needs and Miranda got a pretty awesome tip ($5 after a bill for $0.69 – the coffee was free and I had a draft) – after we hung out a bit and chitty-chatted. I told him a bit about my beliefs regarding meeting someone for a lifelong commitment at this point (I suspect odds of meeting someone that I have chemistry with, a minimum of emotional baggage, and a mutual appreciation of one another to be very, very, very slim.) Explained to him why Magda wasn’t a viable option, though she and I did have a nice time together. I honestly don’t know if there are any wedding bells in my future, but If I were a betting man, I know that I’d opt for “not likely.” I know good couples are out there… Dave & Cathi / GrayPumpkin & Katt are two of the best examples of two pairings as well-suited for one another for life that I can think of.

In the last decade, I’ve had the following serious relationships:

Lees – 6 months
Eryn – 3 months
April – 4 months
Rachel – 6 months
CEJ – 2ish years, Almost 3 if you count on and off time
D – A bit over a year
Mel – 3 months
Magda – 5 months (9 minus the months where she was in Columbia)

Come to think of it, I don’t have any trouble getting dates… it’s the longevity that needs work. Breakups are fairly even, an assortment of reasons, from a lack of trust to a lack of interest.

Hair-wise, we’ve got a Blond x2, Brown x3, Black x2, and a Redhead
Tattoo-wise – 6 had ink.. some got it while I was with ’em.
Politics/Attitudes – Leftx2, Modx4, Rightx2
Readers – 4 yes, 4 no
eye color – Brown – 5 Hazel -1 Blue – 2
all were fairly chesty

I’ve been proposed to on two different occasions, and I honestly thought I’d end up with CEJ for life… she was the last one that gave me those sorts of feelings.

Looking back, I do pretty well, for a serial monogamist with no vehicle of his own.

Dan got me a few very nice gifts for Christmas…. No Software this year. A used book on dinosaurs, a new copy of Pratchett’s Last Hero, a t-shirt and a zip-up shirt (both too small, unfortunately), a carrying case for a digital camera/palmtop, and some jalepeno peanuts. We tried out the Peking House restauant, but it had a bad vibe, so we went to the one we’re more fond of dining at.

Moment of Lyric – mp3 / flash video (Here’s his LJ, by the way – trapezzoid)

8061 – I’m a dramateuge. I teuge it up drama style.

GeotargetDr Who Christmas Special was pretty groovy, and I think that I like the new actor as the doc. (I was worried he’d be too much of a pretty boy. The preview for the next episode looks good, too.

Christmas at the ‘borgs in ’96. (Compare to the borgs in ’05) Cathi hasn’t aged save for longer hair, Elizabeth is a young lady rather than a tot. I’ve lost weight and some of my beard, Dave’s Gained a little weight, and Who knows where Eryn, Brian, Brian, and Bev are… Leisa’s a mommy, as is Cathi. I still have that shirt, last worn on walkabout 2 weeks ago. It’s still in great shape… amazingly comfy and durable. Only a wee bit faded.

Thursday already! Old man 2005 is going to make way for Baby 2006’s stinky diaper very soon!

I called CompUSA yesterday, and requested a progress report on my system, including an ETA on the Graphics card that was due nearly two weeks ago. After being on hold for about 15 minutes, they said that they’d call me back shortly with the answer. They never did.

ADP came by the office yesterday, all sweetness and light. She wants her job back, because she hates her new one. I really don’t see *that* happening. She and RS are semi-buds these days, now that ADP is no longer a part of the company.

The Zip+4 33441-5482 contains only 9 addresses, one of which is mine. via the awesome melissadata – found while looking for my city’s demographics. (and crime stats, weather

No 2-dimensional reality slices here… 3-dimensional truth nuggets! You’d better watch it, or I’ll be all over you like a nun sandwich.

Moment of Lyric MP3

Instrumental – It’s a great way to get up and move in the morning.

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8049 – written on the bus

GeotargetDeerfield is a sort of buffer zone between Boca Raton (home of the golden girls and polo grounds) and Fort Lauderdale (Wealthy tourists slumming away from South Beach and 20-30something party central for those not up to the gyrations of Miami.)

Boca was my stomping grounds while at FAU and the library… my first solo apartment was a a dinky studio behind Mizner park. It was a pretty laid-back lifestyle, all told. Work at the BBCL, hang out / game with JTD (later, game with graypumpkin and the two squads; Wu’s on one day, Pam on the other.) Crushing/hanging out with Sheleah (Sheila) at Liberties, watching quantum leap at the house. Hermit crabs as pets. So broke that I couldn’t afford a telephone, let alone the internet. Gaming, school, and reading were my primary hobbies, but I dug playing a wide assortment of pirated Atari ST games when I could wrangle them from Brett. I learned Unix and a lot of CAD at that time, too. (free software and free time begot an education… who knew?)

I didn’t much mind being lower class in Boca. I knew a lot of nice people, was safe, and in relatively good health, save for when my back went out. GP & Katt helped me a great deal during that time, which is something that I really appreciate to this day. Also helpful were the Wu’s, during my homeless phase, not to mention Danny and his wife pulling my fat out of the fire, too… I get along poorly with friend’s wives, save for Katt, but she wasn’t a wife of a friend, she actually fell into he friend slot on her own… just happened to be married to another friend (I could hang out with either/or, or both at the same time, it was all good). I miss gabbing with her now and then. Though we cleared the air a few years back, conversation didn’t really resume like it did with her hubby.

A lot of things have happened in my life since then. Pompano was quite a paradigm shift. I was pretty depressed from about 6 months before GP & Katt moved west through about ’95-96. I met and hung out with the hippies, self-medicated with kind bud, drum circles and actually dancing a bit. They welcomed me and gave me a chance to reboot my brain with mushroom tea, lots of affection and camp outs. That gave me much opportunity to soften my armor and relax a bit.

The thing about Deerfield is that it’s to Boca as Pompano is to Fort Lauderdale. or, Delray’s equal to the South. I don’t know for sure yet, but I think that I might just prefer smaller towns, as long as the cool stuff is still reasonably nearby. Museums, theaters, books are all right around the bend, without as much hubbub.

When I ride the bus from Deerfield, through Pompano to Lauderdale, I feel emotional warm and cold spots. Specific regions make me happier or sadder… and one block sort of makes me feel very, very tired. I’m not sure what sets it off… time of day doesn’t seem to enter into the picture. Maybe some kind of subconscious reaction to a building or landscape? Who can say? Maybe certain feelings pool in different areas until other people pick them up or cancel them out? I’m prone to suspect that it’s more a weird Scotto thing than an “external emotion projector bombarding me” thing.

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8014 – I’m not as old as some, but older than others.

yoinked from christin

Ok, are you sick of all these surveys that are obviously made by teenagers, with questions like “Have you ever stayed out all night?” Who cares? Well, I guess when you’re 14 that’s a big deal. So here is a survey for adults cause there are some of us out there you know.

For the adults: Continue reading 8014 – I’m not as old as some, but older than others.

8006 – Tuuuuuesday the Thirteenth!

GeotargetNew Sam & Max game! I love those guys.. the TV cartoon really did them no justice.

Showing my age… I remember getting the Atari 2600 for Christmas. Combat Rocked, adventure was fun, but not nearly so much as tanks or planes duking it out. 1978 was a good year. I was 9 years old, Star Wars had come out recently, and I was still high off of living in Richmond, VA… Visiting the Smithsonian as well as other museums and and historical monuments was a regular event… maybe twice a month or so. That Atari was durable… lasted a good decade of regular use. Even at 18 I still liked to drag it out and play asteroids or moon patrol. I got into the consoles a bit, but the intellivision and colecovision didn’t do it for me. They had better graphics, but worse gameplay. By the time the first nintendo came on the scene, I was more interested in hanging out with my buddies than Mario or Luigi. Probably one of the most durable investments in a holiday present ever.. $200 in 1977… well worth the $20 a year for entertainment, not counting the extra carts. (I tended to buy an additional game every 3 months or so, plus Christmas/Birthday got to be easy for a while.) I’d guess that I had about 50 cartridges by the time I was through, and I’d estimate 47 of them were well-played and loved. (I was not fond of the E.T., Sneak’n Peak or Indiana Jones games… but they were the rare exception to the rule. Yar’s Revenge, Ms Pac-man, and Joust more than made up for them.

Moment of Lyric – mp3

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

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7897 –

John Lithgow’s new Campbell’s Soups commercials are sort of sad.

Apartment got pretty heated again last night… nearly impossible to get any rest… Newt’s in great shape, but I was sweating far too much. Not enough voltage to run a tiny box fan.I’m really happy that this didn’t happen in July, or it would be a health hazard. Cool Showers work wonders.

Random Memory… whenever a propeller plane would fly overhead, my buddy Jason and I would yell “STUKA!!” and run for cover, as if it might go after us on a strafing run. I was 7 years old, and I think it was a side effect of my pop’s fondness for WWII documentaries that inspired the game. It seems sort of weird, looking at it under current context…. 40 years from now, will I see kids play-acting at the trade-center bombing, or other major world event, or will most of my life history fade into a blur? I’m not sure what defines my generation… Movies? Star wars and Star Trek got milked to the point of making them weak jokes. Harry Potter, maybe? Somehow, I suspect those books won’t be so much in vogue down the line… but the old standards of playing war have a strong vibe. I doubt kids’ll play “Iraq war” any more than I played “Vietnam” or “Korea”. WWII and to a lesser degree, WWI both have something very powerful going for them that isn’t easy to replicate. Other history-genres that seem timeless are Dinosaurs, Pirates, Knights and the Wild West… Cyberpunk and even pulp seem to be little subsets that’ll probably never get rolling again.

31% lonely

7712 – Stream of thought.

Rewinding a bit. randomness. may mean nothing, first off the skull this morning before fully waking.

I remember a time before fanny packs existed. And then became trendy…and now, are rightfully back in the land of oblivion, for the most part.

I remember a time before home video games, pre atari 2600, even pre-pong. I remember when arcades were a big deal, even though they were mostly pinball machines, pool tables and maybe a space invaders or deathrace game.

My favorite games were Battlezone, Joust and Berserk. Bro was fond of Centipede, Crazy Climber and Donkey Kong. We did a good job playing cooperative Gauntlet, too.

I remember a time before I had Newt, and that I’ve become a better person as a result of adopting him… which was in no small part due to D’Art-kitty.

The was a time that I thought I was superior to most other people, because I thought myself bigger, stronger, more intelligent, and more emotionally together. I know better now, on all of those points.

There’s *always* someone more knowledgeable, more physical, more cunning or even more wealthy. That doesn’t mean they’re better or worse than anyone else, it just means they have more opportunity to make things good for everyone. If they don’t, they’re wasting resources.

I’ve learned more tolerance of people without those resources, because they have other elements that make them just as valuable. Even if that element is as basic as “they’re loved by somebody, so they must have some worth”

I’ve learned that oftentimes people put other people down just to build themselves up… and that makes the insulter look a little pathetic. I’ve also learned that humor isn’t always cruel.

I’ve learned that honesty is the best policy, having been on both sides of too many situations to count that proved the rule, time and again. That was a long time coming. Mind you, diplomacy still has it’s place.

I’ve learned that there are people in this world that are evil, predators… but they’re in the gross minority.

I’ve learned that most people are obedient, generally following all sorts of rules, because it makes the whole mechanism of society flow pretty easily. I’m still amazed that traffic signals actually work. Proof that we can coordinate on a basic level.

I remember when Calvin and Hobbes has a new cartoon every day. And the Far Side. And Bloom county. I remember when Doonsbury was both relevant *and* funny. I remember when Garfield was fresh, and when Bill the Cat was introduced to mock him. I remember when Outland turned into Bloom County II, and just sort of sucked.

I remember when Danny Elfman wasn’t a hack… and when a new Tim Burton movie looked fun, and fresh.

I remember a time when there was only one Star Wars movie, and it was cool.

I remember really digging after school TV. 4-in a row – My Favorite Martian or Lost In Space, (it alternated), Batman, The Monkees and Classic Star Trek.

I never really liked the Transformers.

Robotech was on in the morning, but I only ever got to see half an episode, because I had to leave for school.

I’ve learned not to compartmentalize my friends so much these days. Overlap is a generally a good thing.

I remember being kissed on the Haunted Mansion Ride, and not following through with it, because I thought I’d be going out with someone else that week. I was wrong, and I missed a great opportunity for a relationship and a long-term friendship as a result.

Dancing with a deaf girl is nice, because you can lead, and the music won’t screw you up if you can’t follow the beat. You can continue to slow dance even after the music has stopped.

I’ve found that most people aren’t on the same frequency as I am, but they’re usually willing to talk until all of what they have to say needs to get said. My communication skills vary greatly depending on who I’m talking to. I’ve found that I communicate best with children, animals, and people with a light history of marijuana use.

I have the most difficulty communicating with people trapped “inside the box”. They think that just because I talk kindly to them, that I share their beliefs… no, I’m tolerant, is all. I do get a little frustrated with people who don’t dialogue, but instead spend the time when I’m speaking thinking up a reply to what I’m saying, rather than *listening* to what I have to say.

I’ve learned to actually listen to what people are saying to me. Most of the time. If my brain’s filter doesn’t turn it into the cawing of crows due to something said that was colossally stupid. That can get me into trouble if I’m not careful.

I would really like to have a diet cream soda slurpee. I wonder if they’ve ever tried that flavor?

exit stage right
Exit, Stage Right.

Torrenting the first three episodes of HBO’s Rome – GP seems to dig it, and I trust his judgment.

Got an invite to a Hero Group, meeting every other weekend:

Just pinging some people from RPGRegistry.com because a few friends and I are interested in getting a Hero game together to play every other weekend (probably Friday nights, but this is mutable). Anyway, just seeing what kind of response we get. There are three of us. We’re probably looking for two more, maybe three. We’d love to find a Hero GM if possible (but if necessary, I’ll run, but I’m just learning the system), so if you or someone you know would be interested, drop me a line. We’re all late 20s to later 30s, experienced gamers, and looking for a the same.

We’re currently most interested in playing Fantasy Hero, but Space Hero holds some interest as well. I’m located in Boca, another player is in Hollywood, and the other is way west on Miramar Pkwy.

I replied that I wouldn’t mind meeting folks and seeing what’s what. Friday’s aren’t the best for me, but maybe it’ll work out. It’ll be interesting to test the waters and meet new folks. That reminds me, I should write back to J & B sometime soon, too. Hopefully, the bulk of extendo-weekeneds is over for the time being.

Nifty Video of a woman fending off an elevator purse-snatcher.

Moment of Lyric: ‘mp3 – Thanks again, Firpo!)

Sheep, Sheep, Don’t you know the road?
Yes, my Lord I know the road.
Sheep, Sheep, Don’t you know the road?
Yeah, Lord I know the road.

Don’t you know the road by the playin’ of the song?
Yes, my Lord I know the road.
Don’t you know the road by the playin’ of the song?
Yeah, Lord I know the road.

It’s funny, but it’s true that once I became an agnostic, I started finding spirituals more lovely than when I was steeped in religion. I was reminded of that when F pointed out that was the situation for her, as well.

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