change of plans

I’m just going to read, snuggle with the kitty, and meditate. Not sleep.

Oh, forgot to mention… last night I was tech support Scotto… three different people chatted with me for the sole purpose of LJ aide… I never hear from them otherwise. Sort of rude, but I assisted them anyhow..and they were thankful for the help.

Cyndi Lauper was excellent… when I have more time, I’ll unload the camera’s better piccies to here. Karen and Doug both made it, too. Apparently Cathi and Dave were there, but couldn’t get to my front-row location by the time they got there. It was an acoustic set, and she rocks with the dulcimer and recorder too! Very spiffy.

Respectable turnout. Maybe 200 people. If I had to guess. I’d say that it was and even 50/50 male/female audience… though I suspect that there was a disproportionately high percentage of homosexuals to heteros. Instead of the usual 1 in 10… I’d put the flamboyantly gay population at maybe 3 or 4 in ten, primarily male. Any straight girls looking for a straight guy would have to activate major hunting skills. The one with best odds would be a bisexual male.

I got a signed CD… She seems quite nice in person, and has only a hint of that wacky new-yorky accent that she talked with during the 80’s… Her son was there, too, and is a cool kid. I may be appearing on deco drive Monday night on wsvn at 7pm. we’ll see what happens.

After the concert, I went with Karen and Doug to the mall next door to shoot the breeze and grab a bite to eat (Nathan’s french fries, and lemonade… good tasting), and then quick little stops at Kay-bee toys, the discovery store, and the Barnes and noble… just lookie-looing, no purchases for me today, aside from the new Lauper music.

Last night, I finished my new computer desk…it’s nice, but the tower doesn’t fit in the elevated bay with the large drawer on top…. so I removed the drawer and runners to safe for when a smaller case is used, next go-round. The Desk is nice, though… a healthy-sized keyboard sliding-shelf now gives me a lot more desktop real estate to work with (or for Newt to rest on, as he’s doing now.)

The things you find on the Internet, looking for zombies…Hot Wax Zombies On Wheels

Synopsis: A sleepy fishing village is terrorized by a band of hairless zombies on motorcycles. When a bodacious female biker and her muscular henchman, both bent on ridding the world’s human population of pesky body hair move into town it’s up to the town’s lingerie shop owner, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s best friend to battle hairlessness for the sake of Planet Earth.

Tonight, at about 8, I’m going to visit with Dave, while his wife and her buddies go out for ladies’ night. I don’t expect that evening to last too long, though…. maybe two hours or so.

I’m looking most forward to spending some time relaxing on my own and with my sweetheart… we’ve both been busy-bunnies!