before I hit the sack… silly searches that found me.

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g’nite, dear journal. think good thoughts for my feline friends, and their caregivers.

Worried about b-boy, and my sweetie… He was to go back to the doctor today… I hope he’s doing ok…my brother’s doing all right, except that his voice sounds a little froggy.

I got my yellow cake with chocolate icing! weirdly, psychically, mom made one, and split it between her young. it was pretty darn good… had a hint of orange zest in it.

Some interesting reading on Hurricane Andrew – 10yrs later I was working at the Boynton Beach Library, and our roof caved in… we had some advance warning, so the stacks were all covered with black plastic, and the pages would get books for people with flashlights in hand. a family of mice were found afterwards, and set free… a scorpion mommy with babies on her back drowned in a slippery plastic pool.

There were whole neighborhoods that were flattened… I am proud to say that many people pulled together to distribute care packages and help those that were left homeless. That’s the closest I’ve ever been to seeing a war zone. Boats, several blocks inland… houses stomped totally flat, the roof thrown into another neighborhood. It seems like a lifetime ago… I was at FAU, playing D&D with Brent and Steve, crushing on Jane, Pam and/or Charlotte at any given time. Those days are so far gone.