“LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14 – They are typically referred to as the wrong-way drivers. But Raul Villarreal of the Border Patrol has another name for the drug and illegal-immigrant smugglers who barrel into oncoming lanes of traffic to evade capture or, under cover of night, even detection. They are, he says, suicidal.”

“Surveillance cameras have captured such smugglers plowing north through southbound gates at the border, their vehicles occasionally pushing others out of the way and running right over spike strips before they can be intercepted. They then continue north in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5, which often carries heavy traffic.”

“Border Patrol agents say the wrong-way smugglers, so far unique to the San Diego area, are increasingly sophisticated. The smugglers are filling their tires with a silicone gel, the agents say, so they can negotiate the tire-shredding spike strips and are using reinforced bumpers that can be used to ram oncoming cars. They tend to travel when traffic is light, usually during the week from midnight to 3 a.m.”

I just thought that tactic of filling tires with gel would make for some interesting car wars play. The Border Patrol expects “coyotes” to run from south to north, but I suppose the same tactic could be used to exit the US, with less probability of being tracked by helicopters.

Ok, I’ve had enough. I’m going to go buy a recorder, even if it’s just a plastic one to get me by until I can find another later, made of wood.

Toys-R-Us, here I come. Until next time, dear journal.

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