got a lovely wooden table and three chairs today. Rearranging the apartment took about an hour of fiddling. I think I have a layout that’s to my liking, now.

factoid o’ de day

I found a painting by Hieronymus Bosch that features trepanation.

The Cure of Folly (Extraction of the Stone of Madness), c. 1480

“Removing “stones” from the head was a fairly common medieval operation; however, Bosch has painted a flower as the object being removed. The flower is a tulip which, in the Netherlands is a metaphor for being mad. It is common for someone in a mad (crazy) state to be called a “tulip head.”

Cheated a bit on my morning bike ride. I rode up to Denny’s for some potato pancakes, applesauce and orange juice. Much cheaper than my old stomping grounds of IHOP or the groves… quality of the potato pancakes was higher, the OJ, lower. Suffice to say that it was tasty and probably outstripped any calories burned off by cycling. It was a pretty morning, cloudy with a slight breeze… early enough that the temperature was reasonable…(I’d guess low 80s).

Speaking of the groves, it looks like it’s been part of a scandal, with the Mayor. Hmm… well, I’m not in Pompano anymore. A complete list of the Mayor’s “Political Mess” articles.

Enough of that, time for a morning haiku.

breakfast Wednesday morn
applesauce and fried taters
Newt had some kibble.

Roman Clothing. “…The toga was the national garment of Rome; in the Aeneid, Virgil has the god Jupiter characterize the Romans as ‘masters of the earth, the race that wears the toga’ (1.282). Only male citizens were allowed to wear the toga. It was made of a large woolen cloth cut with both straight and rounded edges; it was not sewn or pinned but rather draped carefully over the body on top of the tunic. Over time, the size and manner of draping the toga became more elaborate.”

Speaking of Rome…

pollex (POL-eks) noun, plural pollices

The thumb.

[From Latin.]

Hallux is the equivalent term for the big toe.

I wonder if it’s related to Pollux?… Heck, is Castor related to Castration? (He was the god of horsemanship)

I’ve been getting some spam at my LiveJournal email address, lately. My filters pick it up, and cast it off, but I’ve just noticed that the folder has been getting chubby faster, lately.

More haiku

kibble moves quickly
a moment ago a meal
now a tootsie roll

sifting shovel digs
biting deeply into sand
Newt should learn to flush

b-boy is doing better… I’m glad.