Hot diggety!

I got zoe‘s trivia cookies today!

She’s off count though… I got well over a dozen… closer to two! ๐Ÿ™‚ They arrived well packed, unsmooshed and uneaten. (I’m going to rectify the latter right now!) I’m going to share this newfound boon of chocolaty-quadrangle goodness with my brother. Thereโ€™s too much to hoard for myself, as much as I’d like to.

I’m back! He was *very* appreciative. ๐Ÿ™‚

We both did the head-bob victory dance and adjourned back to our respective abodes.

I emailed my ebay guy, and he told me that my stuff was put in the mail yesterday… so I should be seeing it tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.

Downloading “Run tel dat” for the Island Boy at work. our net connection there is so congested that he can’t run kazaa at any higher than 1.8k (rather than the 106k that the file is streaming at now… It’d be higher, but I’m nabbing other stuff, too.)

/bragging&picking on the company’s net trouble

Newt likes the new table & chairs, a lot. multiple smooth surfaces at assorted heights. Mucho fun to play with, and get different vantage points on potential prey in the house. Deadly Legos, hair ties and army men had better watch out!

It’s fun to watch him.. right now he’s kicking back on top of the futon, and watching animal planet.

Newt & the boob tube
Unless I’ve reactivated cam refresh, that’s him watching “a pet story” .

I want to go to Dragon Con… maybe next year, if I can wrangle Danny or another friend into going with me, and if the guests / games are good.

I could use a good blood bowl fix. (Heroclix has rebitten my miniatures wargaming cravings), and I like to kick snotlings.