Okie dokie… Going out to see Signs tonight. I hope it’s good! The 9:30 show…my least favorite time to catch a movie. I dig matinees, and midnight movies the most.

Rotten tomatoes seems to like it. I hope that my brain stays wakeful enough to pull it off.

I’ve started thinking about Halloween. I think a nice lazy costume would be just putting on a toe-tag, and saying I’m a fresh cadaver. Or, if I want to put more effort into it…. I’d be a cute sailor moon.

Tomorrow’s Sunday Jazz brunch is on the boardwalk…. scheduled to be there are: George Tandy / Johnny Padilla / Cozy Michaels / Grits n’ Gravy / Cool Breeze with Astrid

I’ve never heard of any of ’em… but it’ll be nice to get up and have a little food, a little walk, and maybe discover an enjoyable artist that I’ve never listened to before.

keywords to my site today:

  • Yahoo little chocolate donuts
  • sleestak!

  • Google serbia amputees
  • Yahoo morbid livejournal icons
  • Google flip your eye lids
  • Yahoo sleestak pictures

It’s not smoking you have to worry about…

…it’s the ashtrays.

As we all know, smoking is really bad for your health. What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you smoke, those few minutes of your expected lifespan are literally transformed into the ash you flick away into an ashtray. Ashtrays, each and every one of them, are constructed by a single group running several dozen front companies.

Basically, unless you’re putting out your smokes beneath your heel or in the ashtray your kid made at camp, you’re dispensing your ashen life into this group’s eager little receptacle. Their ashtrays absorb the life force from the ashes and sends it to a central holding facility. No one knows for sure what these guys are going to do when they’ve collected all that life energy, but it’s probably going to be huge.

Incidentally, there’s talk of a rival organization leading the anti-smoking political agenda from behind the scenes. They probably figure removing smoking sections, and thus ashtrays, from restaurants and bars is a good first step towards thwarting whatever it is this ashtray company is trying to do.

Well, Laundry is done!

I woke and slept in staggering shifts all night and part of the morning. I only remember a fragment of a dream…I was sitting indian-style on the floor at work, because my pants were ripped for some reason.

My brother was going to pawn his Ps2 to cover old debts…I told him I’d lend him whatever money he needed…he told me to hang onto his playstation as incentive for him to pay him back… I told him ok, but that if he really wanted it back, he could come and get it. Meantime, I have a playstation in the house. Kind of nifty to have a DVD player that’s not attached to a hard drive. (I give him three days before he’s bored out of his gourd, and wants it back. ;))

Games are – Spiderman, GTA3, a surfing game, a racecar game, a football game, a soccer game, motocross, and skateboarding.

I’m enjoying Spidey… Bruce Campbell does the tutorial and narrator voice-overs, and it’s pretty fun…. but I think that I’ll be taking a nap soon, to try to recover my electrical charge, and remove this little headache-seed that’s beginning to bloom.

The Premo’s subs by the Laundromat makes a fantastic veggie sub! Big and filling! *pats tummy* Fountain Root beer, and a choc-chip cookie for dessert. I’m set for a while.

Two years ago today, they implemented interests on LJ… I’m still disappointed that they limit them to 150 now.

Thick, hard rain just came out of *nowhere* that’s my bedtime cue. seeya, dear journal!

Telemarketers that call at 8:20 on Saturday morning have a special place in Hades reserved for them.

No, I don’t want the Miami Herald. The paper sucks, and if I wanted it, I could read a non-ink-messy version online for free. No, I don’t care that it’s a special deal.

At least I have the little three tone autodialer wave file on my answering service now. (thanks, rgladiator !)

Art Conspiracy is Nice! They allow for many types of galleries, and is easily used, including an internal journal and comment system. If I didn’t already have LJ, I’d consider using that as a base of operations.