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#10820 – Monday the 20th.

Dr. D passed away last week. You’ll be fondly remembered. Thanks for introducing me to Umberto Eco, and not talking to me like a kid.

Tonight when I get home, we should be at the final clip for hanging up ornaments. The in-laws went to visit BHK’s grandparents pre-Christmas last weekend, so we deemed it better for them to rest up.

Tonight’s a lunar eclipse – I won’t be staying up to see it, but should be a nifty show!

Let’s summarize the weekend a bit.

To play catch up with pictures posted earlier – Went with Amy & Wanda  to Tuba Christmas @ Our Lady Star of the Sea church in St. Mary’s  and then had supper at Laughing Buddha – a lot of fun, and more interactive than I’d have thought.  Sunday was otherwise pretty exhausting for both BHK and me.

Saturday – we spotted a snowman by post office, and put some sideways disco balls out on the ground around our house to emulate snowfall. About all we did was listen to holiday music, and then I played a lot of Sam & Max

Friday – Rested at the house… didn’t do much of anything, really.

Finally, The Good Guys was canceled. Boo. I loved that show.

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Now playing: Gas – Discovery

RIP Virginia Randall, 88.

Goodbye, Grammy.

Virginia L. Randall

CROSSVILLE — Oct. 27, 1922 — Nov. 23, 2010

Viginia Lucille Randall, 88, of Crossville, passed away Nov. 23, 2010. Funeral services and interment will be held in Palm City, FL at Forest Hills Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens.

Mrs. Randall was born Oct. 27, 1922, in Lynn, MA, the daughter of Louis and Isabelle McDermott Manning.

After retiring as a secretary with the Raythen Company she moved to Crossville to the Lake Tansi Community.

Survivors include her son, Doug Randall and wife Teresa of Crossville, daughters, Linda Vita and husband Wilton of Deerfield Beach, FL and Dianne Cooper and husband Doug of Cambridge, IA; grandchildren, Scott VonBerg, Derek VonBerg, Inger Cooper, Kelly Patton, Doug Randall Jr. and Jeff Randall; great-grandchildren, Brittany Randall, Matthew Randall, Kory Randall, Kayla O’Brien, Jake O’Brien, Alyisa Patton, Amber Randall and Jayla VonBerg.

9803 – TGIF

Today we’ll be celebrating Adam’s 20th birthday a day early.

I was born on the day of a full moon, 40 years, 5 months, 15 days ago, about an hour after sunrise on the 33rd day of 1969. Candlemas, Groundhog Day, National Change your Windshiel Wipers Day. (I really dig wolframalpha)

We’ve got to butter his nose today, and get him some razzles. Grill up some hot dogs, give him a cake to munch – maybe some ice cream.

It’s cloudy, but hot as heck.. thankfully it rained to cool tihngs off during Adam’s party.

We left so BHK could finish her studies – just as well, my back is really crimped today.

Walter Cronkite has died; he was 92. CBS News has a nice remembrance.

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9748 – Friday

Valve releases plugin to import Sketchup 3D models into Source maps – bring any object from Google’s 3D Warehouse into a first-person game  = I wonder how long it will take to import all of Miami into a Zombie level?
You know, I’ve never actually really believed that death is inevitable. I just think it’s a rumor.

– David Carradine

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9704 – Tuesday –

Cinco De Mayo… Cheers! We had ratatouille and baked potato for supper. (But the bagel I ate had jalapenos on it!)

Contemplating going to Bengie’s Drive-in this weekend. Triple feature of Fanboys, Monsters vs. Aliens and Star Trek a fun, dorky night.
I’m not sure though – I’d prefer to see MvsA in 3-d.

Talked to Danny on the phone tonight – he might be jumping into a game of Champions at his local game store this summer. 150 points – the store used to be the Dragon’s Lair, but it’s now Adventure something or another.

Bro sent me a text from his new phone – I’ll call him tomorrow and see how he sounds. I’m sure he’s happy to be out and about.

No Franklin again this morning – I noticed that the lawn was treated with chemicals – hopefully that kept him away, along with the cold, drizzly rain.

Pull in your tum,
stick out your tush,
wiggle your hips,
now give ’em a push

Godspeed, Captain Chaos

As I was starting to say, I’m glad it’s staying a bit rainy and cool outside… I’m probably the only one who is loving a little soft, cool rain over sun and heat. I’m a hairy, big beast… hm, an excuse for another old Ditko picture, I think, dear journal.


Freeware Eurorails game  –  Thanks, Rock, paper, shotgun!

also discovered OpenTTD for a freeware version of Transport Tycoon, and SimuTrans .

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9692 – Saturday

9692 – sat


BHK and I have been married 30 months today!

Book fair at the BIG warehouse. I stocked up on some Bradbury, Phil Farmer, and Laura Lippman.

Got a little walking in, but there was no way I could haul the huge pile of books about.

BHK made Homemade chili – she thinks it’s burned, but I like it fine!

Lawn cut, and a lot of planting done by the family.

Dinner at Selby’s – Bought Larry a Lemon Meringue pie. Veggie sub was good – Linda the cook is in the hospital, but her replacement did a great job of making a sammich.

More wii games from the library. (Wario Shake it / Super Brawl) – Wario is cute, from an old-school Mario-brothers perspective. Super Brawl didn’t wow me.

Bea Arthur, RIP.

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9651 – mon

Amy’s mom passed away today after battling with lung cancer for quite some time.  I didn’t know her, but my heart goes out to Amy and her family. I need to call her tomorrow and express my condolences. We knew it was coming, but it’s still a shock.

Found Object – Newton and I surfing the web about 6 years ago. I think it was the African Peanut Soup recipe.

BHK and I had a lovely taco salad for supper… huge enough for tomorrow’s leftovers, methinks.

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9614 – Thursday

Happy 200th to Darwin and Lincoln! If they were alive today… they’d both be desperately clawing their way our of their coffins, I imagine. 

Santiago Meza Lopez, known as El Pozolero (the Stew Maker), says he stuffed bodies into barrels of lye for drug cartels.

Had tasty subs for supper! lemon pepper pseudo-chicken, and got BHK some Peanut butter Girl scout cookies as a not yet valentine’s day prezzie.

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9583- Friday

Friday at last. Got a long weekend ahead of me – but I’ve got a couple of issues I’ve got to tend to before I fully relax. Two things for work to get in alignment – Wednesday will have to go for it! 4 day weekend ahead. Part of it will be spent celebrating the new prez, but most of it will be just relaxing. I’ll see if BHK wants to go on a little date maybe, too.

Low today of 7 degrees Fahrenheit.  (High of 22). If it’s going to be this cold, it could at least snow, but it is as sunny as can be.

Trimmed back the beard – may return to goatee on the weekend. It’s really good at fighting the cold, though.

Rest in Peace, #6 and Mr. Roarke. I hope the new islands suit you both, glad you spent so much time on this one.

A cat named Sammy was usually seen lounging in the window of the post office in Notasulga, Alabama until someone complained.
“They said ‘This is a federal building and he doesn’t pay federal taxes so he can’t come in’,” said postal worker Rochelle Langford.
But Sammy’s supporters think they have found a way around the banishment. They have rented a post office box in his name!

Speaking of Orange Kitties –

newt leaps newtcam

Forgot to post this on Monday – Newt leaps in from the side of Newtcam! BHK said that something got into his head and he went on a tear through the house—up and down the stairs and jumping on all the cat furniture. Pye and BHK as usual looked at him like he was a crazy orange beast 😀

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9528 – tuesday

I got so caught up in Sedef’s passing, that I forgot that it was my Father’s Birthday today. That’s not even it… I didn’t realize that today was the 25th until I looked at the memo for this afternoon’s company meeting – Sort of a punch on top of a punch there. I’ll update/ do the comparison thing tomorrow, probably.

I can’t believe that in 5 more years, there won’t be any more age comparison items… He passed at 44 years old – I’m 39, now.

BHK is working at the food bank tomorrow with Kim Martucci and co at WUSA9. I bet they’ll have a good time doing good works – I wish I could go with ’em!

Got my Holiday scheduled for 12/24-1/2 this time around. I’ll still be "on call", but hopefully there won’t be many fires to put out.

Well, I’m ready for bed – BHK made some fantastic quiche to go with dinner salad, so I’m packed to the gills. Combine that with a little TV, and I’m zonked. I’m caught up with the shield, now – not sure what other tivo’ed things to consult next. Journeyman? Eli Stone?

I’m watching Dexter on the PSP during the Metro trip into work. 3 episodes in now, and It’s not too bad thus far. I still really don’t find myself sympathetic to him – still seems quite the monster, despite his only "killing bad people". I guess I just like my protagonist to be a good guy, and not a serial killer.

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