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10,066 – Sunday – Happy birthday, Kat!

Brunch with BHK, In-laws, Adam, Dave Nelson, and Rorey – Adam made a heart-shaped biscuit for anna, who was absent (Adam is going to VA this afternoon to settle some court issues there)


No Snow today, but the bay is still nicely iced!


Visited Nailles a bit, chitty-chatted for a while

Big Kahuna when we got home – nearly to the end by now – our zoo animals haven’t given birth yet.

New fondness for the IT crowd TV show – nice mindless foolishness, with some of the boosh gang hanging about, too.

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9998 – 1123091530.jpg

1123091530.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

pyewacket and his portrait (given to us by amy as a wedding prezzie)

Physical Therapy today, and the rest spent absorbing the drizzle, and doing job search. BHK has had Holly on the XM radio going since midday. I have seen hints of coming meals after her trip to the grocer, and my tummy is happy.

Adam and Anna are coming over tomorrow night – more bbq chips and good eats all the way through TG!

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9991 – Last night and today – wednesday

Adam, BHK & Jungle Speed – played about 10 games, Adam pretty much dominated. I want to play it as an actual card game, now, though I like the jungle animal animations.

Test #1 – picture – Scotto as mr potato head

Testing pic links to flickr via windows live writer –
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9983 – Thursday

Growing my beard out again…. time for the "hunt for red october" look to keep my face protected from the elements that are coming. Oddly, Kathleen took today to do a mr potato head of my current beardo icon… serendipity?

Adam came over to visit last night. and we played a bit of dokopon before he was off to his church group meeting. No sign of andrew… he was going to come over for dinner, but double booked.

BHK and I continued playing a bit after Adam left and got some Papa John’s pizza, because it was too windy, cold and rainy to go out to the grocery store or the chinese place.

Today was mostly spent looking for work, watching tv, and shooting skags in borderlands. I did take a brief launch outside with neighbor Chris to swap his car for a loaner while the window got fixed…. BHK made some amazing ravioli and pink sauce for supper… full after one bowl, with plenty for tomorrow’s lunch and then some.

We finished watching Journeyman – it left on a high note, and I supect that it was cancelled just in time… our dvr is slowly draining of saved shows from 2007.

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9803 – TGIF

Today we’ll be celebrating Adam’s 20th birthday a day early.

I was born on the day of a full moon, 40 years, 5 months, 15 days ago, about an hour after sunrise on the 33rd day of 1969. Candlemas, Groundhog Day, National Change your Windshiel Wipers Day. (I really dig wolframalpha)

We’ve got to butter his nose today, and get him some razzles. Grill up some hot dogs, give him a cake to munch – maybe some ice cream.

It’s cloudy, but hot as heck.. thankfully it rained to cool tihngs off during Adam’s party.

We left so BHK could finish her studies – just as well, my back is really crimped today.

Walter Cronkite has died; he was 92. CBS News has a nice remembrance.

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9787 – Independence Day comes early to our neck of the woods.

Third of July. The twin beaches always celebrate a day early, because everyone likes to go to DC or someplace else for the 4th.

Andrew was looking dapper, and the fireworks were a-ok by me. we spent the day grilling – thankfully, it was cool and comfy at windward key. I grilled the dogs and etc, while bhk made a funfetti cake.

We played some Can’t stop, Huggermugger and of course, apples to apples. I was hoping for a little try at dictionary dabble  (aka Balderdash, but dabble has much cooler pawns)

.S6303983.S6303982.S6303981.S6303980.S6303979.S6303978.S6303977.S6303976.S6303975.[1] Desktop, 100SSCAM, 9 images, S6303974 - S6303982 - 8444x5073 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6303974.S6303973.S6303972.S6303971.S6303966.S6303965.S6303963.S6303962.S6303958.S6303954.S6303950.S6303949

BHK took most of the Dock pics, I experimented a bit with the camera settings for the fireworks.