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10143 – Friday

Chugging through apps today – confidence renewed a bit after talking to a recruiter yesterday.

TMBG in Baltimore tonight! ack, how’d I miss that? Ah, well, I’ll have to see if I can catch ’em next time.

President Obama has chosen the 10 charities that will receive his $1.4 million in Nobel Peace Prize money. They include a group that provides housing for families of patients at military hospitals, and a Haiti relief fund.

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9984 – Friday the 13th

Flickr dump of recent pictures

Llamas, Newt, Pye with little water drops on his face, a neighbor’s race car, atw man watches kong devour fay, a seated gangster werewolf, and Baltimore at night.


Contemplating a netflix set-top box for streaming movies over the internet or from the desktop pc.

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pictures taken 2 years ago – newt with the palm cam

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S6302784, originally uploaded by scottobear.

BHK seems to really like Orioles!

She and I went to Geppi’s ( http://www.geppismuseum.com/ ) and the Ravens / Orioles Stadium was between the parking and the entrance – see also, the Babe Ruth Museum, not shown.

S6302828.equal rights for smurfettes - icon for bhk.S6302827.S6302825.S6302824.S6302817.S6302816.S6302815.S6302814.S6302813.S6302807.S6302804.S6302799.S6302798.S6302792.S6302788.S6302787.

 Gabby Hayes has been a running gag for us, since before we were married.

in other news –

According to Bulletin C of the International Earth Rotation Service:


A positive leap second will be introduced at the end of December 2008. The sequence of dates of the UTC second markers will be:

    2008 December 31, 23h 59m 59s
    2008 December 31, 23h 59m 60s
    2009 January     1,   0h   0m   0s

The difference between UTC and the International Atomic Time TAI is:

    from 2006 January 1, 0h UTC, to 2009 January 1 0h UTC : UTC-TAI = – 33s
    from 2009 January 1, 0h UTC, until further notice           : UTC-TAI = – 34s

This means that tomorrow, 3:59:59 PM PST will be followed by 3:59:60 PM PST prior to the advent of 4:00:00 PM PST.


Wednesday – 11/26

S6302688, originally uploaded by scottobear.

I love the Bromo Seltzer arts tower in Baltimore. I’d love to do one of the open studio tours sometime – they seem to open up about once a month.


Today was pretty straightforward – worked, physical therapy (felt pretty darn good, this go’round) and then… LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

Hooray! Hope you have a lovely next few days, dear journal – my posting may be sporadic or delayed a bit, depending on how slackerly or shopperly we’re all feeling in the Grotto.


9514- Friday


Friday- nice to see it back again. It was foggy beyond belief yesterday, and continues today.

Last night’s supper of Chinese food from the Octagon was pretty good – I only wish they hadn’t packaged the general tso’s tofu in such a way that I got it all over my work pants and jacket while driving home.

Back was tweaking up something fierce – I wonder if the barometric pressure was a factor, or all that fog?

BHK is using her super legal-powers to help with the condo issues – looks like we might get this thing ironed out after all!

While she looked up condo legal-ese, I did some back stretches,  overdue computer stuff, and checked out the demo of Left4Dead… that’s a beautiful game right there. The artwork is pretty top notch, and I really like the team play aspect. That’ll probably be my next purchase afte rI swim through Fallout 3 some more. Maybe someday I’ll get around to finishing the later episodes of HL2.

In other gaming news, BHK picked me up a new gaming joystick via freecycle. Can’t beat free hardware!

This weekend, we are likely to skip JohnCon, and instead go to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. (I wonder if my metropass will count for $2 OFF GO GREEN! Show your ticket stub for public transportation for that day and receive $2 off admission to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.)

Lunch today of "chicken" nuggets and mac&cheese was dang tasty. perfect for a cool, misty day

Got off work, and the Element has recovered from the hit we took from the deer. It still smells a bit of paint, but looks good as new.

Traffic was HORRID today. It took us forever to get anywhere!

BHK, Larry, Chris and I went to Selby – I guess the owners are looking to retire, sadly. I guess we had better get the pizza while we can!

Scholar finds Mayans’ buried highway through hell

The Washington Post is reporting that the shutdown of one hosting company has caused the total volume of spam to drop by 2/3rds. The company in question is McColo Corp. Both Hurricane Electric and Global Crossing pulled the plug today after a damning report revealed a number of illegal activities happening on McColo’s servers.

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9510 – Wednesday

Just heard about the gaming thing up at Johns Hopkins is happening this weekend. Maybe I can wrangle swinging by there after going to lunch at paper moon with BHK and Alice. If anyone is in the area and of a mind, maybe we could have a little visit, too. I wanted to maybe get a little game time in with Cath and Haas, but schedules didn’t work out for us – maybe this is a happy medium. Note to self, send a facebook invite.

Maybe BHK and I will get in a round of GURPS space? (noon to 5 – likely not. Lunch date, and all) Or at least a game of chrononauts or something in freeplay time. Maybe I should bring Hive or something small and portable to play..I wouldn’t mind a quick game of werewolf or chez geek.

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9491 – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Dear Journal!
hallowdoodle .S6300787

Current mood – Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc

Trimmed the ‘stache to less sleazy-looking levels, but the whole goatee is coming back or I’m cutting it all off.

After work yesterday, BHK and I met with Adam and Eric for dinner at Hard times cafe. It was $4.99 chili mac night, so I was all about that. BHK and Adam got the chili dogs, and Eric took the healthy high road with grilled chicken sammich.

we spent an hour or two talking about politics, who is voting for what and why – I hope Adam finds his voters reg card. Eric seems to be allying with the ‘phants, while BHK and I are leaning a bit more toward the ‘keys. It was all civil, though, and we had a good time ribbing one another.

Played a smidgen more of fallout 3 last night… got gunned down severely while working under bhk’s guidance.

NOT a game for kids… pretty graphic when you shoot a guy in the head – and a lot of dubious morality.

Right now I’m playing the high karma path… being nice, helping out. I can see going back and wiping out the town, though, later, just to watch it go up in a mushroom cloud.

Not going to do the trick-or-treater thing tonight – instead, we’re off after work to the Edgar Allan Poe grave and memorial site in Baltimore for a little walk around the necropolis, and have a generally spooky time.

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And, I’ll play you out for now –

9391 – Friday

08/08/08 08:08:08… PM

Nice day at work today – we took a field trip to the Port of Baltimore and a CSX location.

Some piccies – click to embiggen, as always, dear journal.

0808081417.jpg. 0808081406a.jpg. 0808081406.jpg. 0808081405.jpg. 0808081131.jpg. 0808081115.jpg

Nifty container lifts, a burned out building that was used in Enemy of the State, and some giant bumpers.

Got home, and… had some dinner! BHK made an awesome dinner of pizza and salad yum-noms!

Additionally, the video card installed, quick as a wink, while the pizza was being put to the last heating phase.

The 8800 GT is at *least* 4x faster than my old ati x1600 , and I haven’t had any of the hot pixel problems so far now. The old ati x1600 still plays games pretty well. Maybe I’ll put it in my server just to have a backup game device.

“A lady noticed her computer was running slower after she had brought her computer in to be repaired. She took the computer to a second repair shop where they found that one of the problems was that her webcam would turn on whenever it detected her around and was taking photos and uploading it to a website. The repair technician that installed the software has done this to at least 10 women and has photos of at least one undressing.”

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9375 – Monday

This morning’s Harvest – BHK plucked this beastie before I headed to work.


picture of giant tomato from the garden!

If you enlarge the photo, or look carefully, you’ll see Tsuro, Marriage material, Canasta Caliente, Rook, Kahuna, Balloon Cup, Catan Dice, umm.. Carcassone H&G, and nibs and nabs of other part of the game shelf. Some printer cartriges and screen wipes.

Looks like I’m going on a trip to Port of Baltimore either Thursday or Friday next week! I’ll be in the field that day from 9:30ish to 2:30ish, give or take.

That’s a good thing… my port knowledge could use a little visual update – my last trip through Port Everglades was years ago.

Polished off the Tim Powers fault lines stuff I’d been meaning to read again… I may have to get back to Fluke and polish it off this week!

Big salad and a side sammich for dinner tonight… those quick pickles are lasting a long time!

I missed a veggie hot dog eating contest?!?! I bet I’d have cleaned up. (via Mr T in DC )

Forgot to mention that we pre-ordered Monty Python Fluxx, Marian Fluxx, and Pink Treehouse at Aardvark‘s. Just doing our part to keep the Looneys in business!

Gentle night tonight – I got home, we unwound and hit the sack fairly early. Until Later, dear journal!

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9363 – Saturday –

Well, the drive-in was really something.

BHK and I had a wonderful time! Let’s see… We got there at about 6:50 pm, and left at about 3:45 am. We got home at just about 5:15 am, to hear my alarm clock going off. That underlined the fact that I’d been awake for just a smidgen over 24 hours. (I left with BHK for the movies right from work yesterday.)

We bought an outside food permit for the car, but still hit the snack bar really hard. So much for a healthy diet this weekend. Between BHK and I, consumed were a bunch of egg rolls, a mega-tub o’ corn, corn dogs, cream cheese & jalapeno poppers, fried cheese sticks, a home made chipwich ice cream sammich (likely my fave item). We brought 2-liters of home-mixed Arnold Palmers (made with blueberry iced tea) and an additional 2-liter of diet cherry Pepsi. Neither bottle survived, given the salty food we ate… fortunately the day’s heat dissipated as the sun set.

Next time, I suspect we’ll bring dagwoods, and just grab corn and ice cream at the snack bar… a little bit healthier, at least.

We waited until sundown for the movie to start – that was about 8:45 or so. The playground was cleared out once the movies started rolling.

Opened with the national anthem, and a promo to “Attend your house of worship regularly”. First thoughts, the projectionist / owner really likes to gab and play with the audience. He went over the rules and regulations about turning off running lights, etc…. a real homey and comfortable family atmosphere.

Warner Brothers Cartoon – “Beanstalk Bunny” A classic, to be sure. This and all of the shorts had awesome cartoon elements, all featured things you can’t show on TV anymore… smoking, violence on women and children, etc.

First feature – Kung Fu Panda. I enjoyed it, though the celebrity voices seemed pretty under-utilized. When it looked like the movie was winding down, I went to grab our popcorn… it was a good thing that I left when I did, as it took about 20 minutes in line to get corn and bring it back. I returned to the end credits, where folks were invited to flash headlights to the kung-fu fighting theme at the end. I liked the extra little movie-bit after the credits, too.

Then – Kit for Kat – Sylvester and Kitten stuck out in the cold, with Elmer taking them in. Not as great as Beanstalk bunny, but it was pretty dang funny, regardless.

There was no Watchmen Trailer on Batman! but we did get to see trailers for Ice Castles with (I can’t remember the last time I heard the name Lynn-Holly Johnson – For Your Eyes Only, maybe?), a pause for a marriage proposal, and a preview of Mr. Quilp (a musical version of The Old Curiosity Shop ).

So… The Dark Knight. I liked it, but *really* didn’t think it lived up to the hype. I feel that the movie was good, but maybe a 30-45 minutes too long. I think the ol’ Two-face element was excellent, and would’ve worked better in a more developed movie of its own. The Joker was good, but certainly not an Oscar-worthy performance in my opinion… however.. I didn’t much care for “No Country for Old Men” at all, and that won two Oscars last year. Heath Ledger did a good job, but he really isn’t my idea of the Joker – I think more in terms of bright, surreal colors amongst the dark and gritty Gotham backdrop. This version was a good villain, and genuinely creepy… but not what I think of when I think “Joker”. Bale’s Batman was… more like scenery than an actor. He portrayed Bruce Wayne well enough, but his “bat-voice” grated on my nerves more than the one he used in the first movie. I liked the newer costume, and the motorcycle… the tech-sonar bit was OK, but it didn’t jazz me like it did some. I certainly don’t think it’s my favorite Superhero movie… or even in my top 5. Probably my top 10, but then, how many good superhero movies are there?

After the Big BM passed… more intermission commercials for food… the snack bar closed at 1:30am, so it was pretty much a 10-minute warning.

Freaky Bic Shaver sponsored movie ad. very surreal.. “we’re all disposable here” – I remembered seeing it at the midnight movie express, back when I went to the town center mall in Palm Beach. Very Nostalgic for me, and I wish I could find a copy of the video on the web, but it was about the same time as this one. also shown were all sorts of lobby animations for snacks.

Then – Three bears in “Bee-Deviled Bruin.” I’ve always loved the 3 bears… the sawed-off runt of a father being a loudmouth and violent guy… but you can understand why, given his family life.

Last movie of the evening, starting at 1:30ish – Get Smart. Cute movie.. and loyal enough to the source material. I liked Hymie’s cameo, but wasn’t crazy about Smart’s back story – however, it was good to seem him as semi-competent, as opposed to a complete bumbler.

All in all, I think that both BHK and I had a great time. We’re going to try and lure the in-laws and Adam (and a date, if he wants to bring one) to the next show. I’m hoping it’s the Wanted / Hellboy / Mummy 3 combo that was hinted at – I’ll know on Wednesday, when they announce the lineup.

Anyhow – after we slept for about 4 hours, 9am came, and it was time to go get my shots – did and done, then headed to Trott’s for corn… Adam’s Birthday is tomorrow, and we’ve got to have the corn!

Vegged out and rested much of the day – The new Monk was sad to me, as it’s a memorial episode… the mystery itself was no great shakes, but they gave the actor a nice mention and some due. Psych was maybe a bit too family-dramatic and less zany as usual, but I expect it’ll be back on par come next week.

Last but not least, we finally caught Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – I liked it more than the 2nd one, which suffered a bit from “back to the future-bridge story” syndrome.

That Taco salad was mega-tasty… I ‘m not sure why we did cheese crackers for dinner with that good stuff in the fridge… I’m too worn out to use the microwave, I suspect. Hitting the bricks early tonight… until later, dear journal.

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