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HR Puffinstuff was likely not in HR

Dreamt last night that we were under attack by folks of the Winnebago tribe – they wanted to steal the Love Cube.

Showered while singing “Mr. Custer“.. no doubt a result of the aforementioned dream-stuff.

Last night went by like a blur. Got home, ordered pizza, BHK fell asleep on the couch.. I rudely awakened her, and we went to bedski. I awakened at 5 this morning, and headed off to work – without my wallet. Thankfully, I have tasty leftover dindin from the night before last. Brussels Sprouts, tasty rice and quorn cutlet.

NJR’s last day at work is tomorrow – He’s a good guy – I’d take him out for a drink with the guys if we didn’t have so many things going on. Hopefully he’ll be back when he’s between acting gigs – but for now, he’s off to Naples, FL.

I’m really digging the cooler weather – I can feel Christmas around the corner, and snow somewhen after that. There’s a good vibe walking to work from the metro in a bracing chill, wrapped in a homemade scarf.

Newt and Pye have been enjoying a nice bit of fun now that the leaves are spending more time being whirled about in the wind rather than stuck to branches – Newt had pretty much laid claim to the window ledge behind BHK’s work station upstairs… but now, Pye has taken to queuing up behind Newt for a spot to watch the leafy fallout. Later Newt got his seat back and Pye was on top of him to get another turn….at one point Newt started to fall asleep and look away and Pye gave him a healthy nudge in the head to remind him that someone else was waiting for a turn.

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on the bus…

testing out quickpress. not too tough via the phone.

a quick recap – did inventory catch up on saturday, had a moment of net loss at work on sunday from 11-3ish. apparently comcast isn`t the only dc area fail. (at least verizon was a sunday)

sunday dinner was a lot of circles with a few squares inside – cheese and crackers with in-laws, veggie shepherds pie, with homemade apple pie for dessert.

got lunged up a bit last night -cpap helped a lot, though.

slept from about 930pm to 5 this am.

fully enjoying xmas music now… close enough for it to make sense. lego advent calendar has been a lot of fun so far… blacksmith and a knight with assorted anvil and hammer equipment so far.

today should be a busy one… lots to do and review. talk to you later, dear journal!

100,91 – Wednesday

rough day – Body and mind running a bit dark for much of today. It’ll be better soon, though.

Swung by ChNaCa with the in-laws, had supper at Ledo’s, got some groceries.

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10,079 – Saturday

Out for some “fresh air” as we’ve been cooped up for quite a spell. Visited chnaka – BHK picked up some circular knitting supplies and I got a lovely replacement for my lost glass monkey bead at bag-o-beads.

Then, we did a quick stop at Wal-Mart and got some valentine supplies – chocolate hearts and some buttons to go with BHK’s knits.

Visited Ledo’s (back next door to chnaka again – found out that buy one / get one free calzone night is the same evening as the Wednesday Knitting Circle – While we ate, (and for a bit after) we chatted with Veronica and Bill Frostbutter in the booth next to us. I like to think BHK and I will be much like them (after another 40 years or so have gone by – Veronica is a little Chatty-Cathy like BHK, and Bill is a more quiet, but friendly cohort… not unlike myself.) I think that Veronica and Bill Frostbutter should be our aliases sometime… awesome name.

We got home, and went to take care of little Stormy next door- and we proceeded to lock ourselves out of the house. Thankfully, I had the Naille’s keys on us, so we called the in-laws to let us out, while we played with little Stormy for a bit.

Of note to literati – You may flip through Poe manuscripts digitally! – http://research.hrc.utexas.edu/poedc/results.cfm?cat=1  The Edgar Allan Poe Digital Collection

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Tuesday 10,075

A break day today we’re both feeling a bit better, and we’re taking advantage of $5 movies… Date with BHK in Annapolis!

The plan was originally to see Avatar  in 3-d after getting a little nibble at the mall – BHK had burgers on the brain, and I’m game for any place that has something more for a veggie-guy than a limp salad and fries… We got a wild hair to eat someplace new  – we eyeballed around a bit, and I saw a place called Sharky’s – we got closer, and it looked a little dive-y, but next door was a wonderful spot we’d never seen before, despite it having been in the same place for 17 years – Giolitti’s! The food is fantastic, and the people there are really friendly;  they support fostering animals too.

I had the vegetarian sandwich with no tomatoes, and olive spread. oh, so yummy. BHK had meatballs and pasta… also delicious..

Giolitti Vegetarian – grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella, tomato, lettuce and oil & vinegar dressing on sliced tuscan…$6.50


Our timing was off, and I think that’s for the best – we went to see Sherlock Holmes rather than Avatar – It was *much* better than I’d expected.

On the way in, I spotted this splat on the carport roof – looks like the sprinkler had a lot of rust build-up before going off!


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Saturday – 10, 072 – 1/16

Still not feeling so hot – yummy quiche for breakfast, and tonight we watched fanboys & extract and had a nice picnic upstairs – tried the new domino’s pizza – no the greatest, more than a little greasy. Movies weren’t the best, but it’s nice to spend time with BHK in our little treehouse.


spinach and cheese quiche!

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10,067 – Monday

Hey! Today is a palindrome! 011110 !

A panoramic pic of the bay iced over from yesterday (bigger here)

4263588273_4eeceb72dc_o - 4264343410_fc95771676_o - 4684x1522 - SCUL-Smartblend

BHK made me a wonderful breakfast of veggie omelets and English muffin – nice dose of protein to begin the day solidly.

Bad news technology-wise… BHK’s laptop seems to have taken a nap from which it won’t awake. I suspect the internal power supply. Looking into cracking it open soon, if the alternate cable doesn’t fix her up.

Shadow of the Vampire this evening, while we strip the tree of it’s ornaments and lights – rather a counterpoint too last year’s Kolchak festival while putting on the goodies.

Started watching sanctuary tonight, but the allure of Big Kahuna took it over. We’ve made it to 94 of 99 levels complete, and all but one tropical fish unlocked.

Dinner of tasty twisty pasta and unchicken strips in a tomato-cream sauce, with lots of tasty garlic!

Janet sent me a pic of Danny from his Birthday on Los Olas – BHK thinks he looks cuter sans moustache.


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10,061 -Tuesday

I like that I live somewhere that still uses horse-drawn carriages alongside the jets. 

BHK and I finally viewed Watchmen last night – not bad.. I actually think I prefer the revised ending, though the characters itself needed a lot of explanation to BHK. I give it a 6/10… Better than it might’ve been.

BHK still has her cold – looks like it’s moving down from her sinus to her chest now – hopefully, it means she’s getting better.

Got Heron: Steam Machine for the Wii – or “Yet another pipes game” – it’s a lot of fun, and stress levels are high, especially in multiplayer.

Off to the grocery – going to get some filling for tonight’s quiche feast!


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9997 – sunday

It seems that Christmas is in the air in this part of North Beach. BHK and the Nailles… not even thanksgiving! however, I don’t mind the music, especially if we get sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles, while watching Christmas Vacation. The Naille’s already have 5 or more trees up at home… BHK and I aren’t going to do a tree until at least after Turkey Day.
Dinner was with the in-laws – hot dogs on the grill, baked beans and smokin’ sweet bbq chips.
Jungle Speed yet again. Lion is my lucky animal… no bears there.
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9995 – Friday

The interview went well, though the tech part was reduced to a test rather than a human talk – the tech guy was out sick. I hope to hear form them soon how things went for them.
beardless After that, we went to cheeburger cheeburger, where BHK had a gingerbread shake, and I had my standard chocolate cherry. Chris N. Had his second epidural, and is dealing with it ok… I won the gaming trophy again – Jungle Speed as the Lion, baby! (BHK does Monkey, Chris does Alligator, and Amanda as the Lemur.)
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9983 – Thursday

Growing my beard out again…. time for the "hunt for red october" look to keep my face protected from the elements that are coming. Oddly, Kathleen took today to do a mr potato head of my current beardo icon… serendipity?

Adam came over to visit last night. and we played a bit of dokopon before he was off to his church group meeting. No sign of andrew… he was going to come over for dinner, but double booked.

BHK and I continued playing a bit after Adam left and got some Papa John’s pizza, because it was too windy, cold and rainy to go out to the grocery store or the chinese place.

Today was mostly spent looking for work, watching tv, and shooting skags in borderlands. I did take a brief launch outside with neighbor Chris to swap his car for a loaner while the window got fixed…. BHK made some amazing ravioli and pink sauce for supper… full after one bowl, with plenty for tomorrow’s lunch and then some.

We finished watching Journeyman – it left on a high note, and I supect that it was cancelled just in time… our dvr is slowly draining of saved shows from 2007.

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9981 – Tuesday.

Mostly just working today – looking for a paying gig, reformatting Chris’s computer, a last ditch effort to reconstruct it. BHK is working on her projects upstairs, too. I have the added benefit of listening to the Craig Ferguson Audiobook – his voice is strangely calm, and I get a vibe of Shrek doing the reading, rather than that puppet guy on the tube.

Tonight, we’re doing quiche and asaragus – perfect for tonight’s meal.

Got our first check form our renters in florida deposited… I guess it’s official, now –we have renters. Just in time, too. It was getting pretty tight there for a moment.

I still can’t get over how it’s dark by 5:30 at night here…. Florida isn’t that far, latitude wise, is it? I suppose it is, given the change in weather, as well as the sunlight.

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Forty years ago today, the first Sesame Street episode aired!

9903 – pictures from the yard sale

Got up at 6:30 this morning and went for an hour walk with Chris before heading off to some of the last gasp yard sales of the summer.

Yard Saling stuff – not showm, more legos, bake sale goodies consumed.


I find the toys, BHK the antiques. We both find the hot air balloon / pregnant women / overpopulation picture cool, then creepy. It is already hanging in next to the office.

After the sale, we headed home, while Chris and Mandy went on to Annapolis, BHK and I stopped off at the local historical society and did a treasure hunt with a 4-year-old boy named Annikin. (I guess the parents are star wars fans… was that a “real name” before the movies?

In-laws took us to dinner at outbakc – made use of gift certificats Adam and Anna gave ’em on the 4th of July – I had a lovely baked potato, salad, and shrimp.

Returned home to play some monopoly dice with Chris and Mandy, but the boys were wiped out – Mandy and BHK played Balloon Cup, instead.

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