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9741 – sun

Never did make it to Surrat house – Instead, we watched My Name is Bruce with Sean and Duncan. Teddy Grahams, hummus and hot dogs w/ kraut for all! Jay missed out, because he was sick at home.

Today was another stay at home day – took a hard walk around the neighborhood, and some chitty-chats with William Callas and Chris.

Visited Coffee Tea and Whimsy, and got some crabber crackers, a keychain giftie for BHK and caramel sauce for all!

Chris won her first-played game of Can’t Stop vs BHK and me, while Larry mowed the yard.

Later, the in-laws came back over for quiche with peas & broccoli from the garden, and we watched some ocean documntaries and ate vanilla ice cream with the aforementioned sauce… and blueberries!

Did I mention that BHK and I went to see Star Trek last Tuesday, dear journal? I seem to have skipped over it. I liked it just fine, thinking it’s #3 on my list of favorite star Trek movies, after #1 (Galaxy Quest) and #2 (Wrath of Khan). BHK enjoyed it, too, probably more than I did! We may be taking William to see UP on Tuesday matinee. (Which I’ve been looking more forward to than Trek, actually!)

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9727 – Thursday

DNA test came back, Bro is the father – Shannon (The Mother) is using, and there is a warrant out for her arrest. Greeeeat.

BHK in garden with Chris – Newton in here with me fuss with this and that… and watching movies.


front garden left 1

front garden left 2


We watched Crank – High Voltage and it is both ridiculous, offensive, violent and funny. I’m going to have to see the previous installment , now.

Going ot be a dagwood sammich dinner night soon… until later, dear journal!

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9724 –

The English Beat put on a really good show – did a few songs from their General Public days, too.

Chris and BHK went hog wild in the front of the house… Chris got a little… exuberant with the trimming of our now non-existent hedge.

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9714 – Thursday –

Ate breakfast on the deck with BHK, and slowly got moving today.

While she and Chris worked on the flower bed out front, I commenced to taking care of long overdue paperwork.

After the sun went down, Larry came over and we all had pizza and watched My Fake Fiance a made for tv chick flick. cute – MJ Hart looked pretty preggo in it, and Joey (erm Joseph) Lawrence didn’t say "Woah" once.


Pyewacket says hello from pop-art land. Best clicked on to be viewed larger – thanks to Cyn for being the photographer of the source pic at our Halloween / Wedding party!

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9710 – monday

Slow wake up day, taking it easy. I’m pretty creaky, and BHK is in more need of an oil can than I am, today.

BHK made me some lovely chocolate pancakes for breakfast… so much that we couldn’t finish ’em. There’s still one mammoth tasty circle in the fridge for later.

We went upstairs and relaxed a bit – caught up with afew episodes of reaper (end of season 1) and then I went on walkabout on my own – BHK was too out of it to go today, so I made a quick route, but saw Zorro and a few of the other kitties – see photos below. Garden is coming along – cauliflower and cabbage both are growing nicely.









Watched Castle, the Unusuals (BHK fell asleep, so I also started meet the spartans… dumb movie, but it was what I was looking for at the moment.)

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9707 – friday

first day away from work. hung out with mother in law and Bhk while they planted window-boxes and flowers on the porch at windward key.

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0502091712.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

our first cauliflour of the new garden blooms!

Also, Free comic book day… third since we’ve been married. 🙂

Cosmic Encounter at Aardvark – maybe we’ll pick it up sometime? We got an apples to apples expansion set.

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9692 – Saturday

9692 – sat


BHK and I have been married 30 months today!

Book fair at the BIG warehouse. I stocked up on some Bradbury, Phil Farmer, and Laura Lippman.

Got a little walking in, but there was no way I could haul the huge pile of books about.

BHK made Homemade chili – she thinks it’s burned, but I like it fine!

Lawn cut, and a lot of planting done by the family.

Dinner at Selby’s – Bought Larry a Lemon Meringue pie. Veggie sub was good – Linda the cook is in the hospital, but her replacement did a great job of making a sammich.

More wii games from the library. (Wario Shake it / Super Brawl) – Wario is cute, from an old-school Mario-brothers perspective. Super Brawl didn’t wow me.

Bea Arthur, RIP.

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9691 – Friday

Farmers Market – BHK and Chris picked up a great number of flowers and plants for the garden, I spent the day seated for the most part. 

Garden was dusted for slugs and bugs – hopefully the squirrels will stay out of the lettuce.

Got the 2nd book in the Nightside series at th library – #3 came via bookmooch, and #4 was the BIG book sale a few months back. another book sale tomorrow – I hope I’m up to making the rounds.

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