9528 – tuesday

I got so caught up in Sedef’s passing, that I forgot that it was my Father’s Birthday today. That’s not even it… I didn’t realize that today was the 25th until I looked at the memo for this afternoon’s company meeting – Sort of a punch on top of a punch there. I’ll update/ do the comparison thing tomorrow, probably.

I can’t believe that in 5 more years, there won’t be any more age comparison items… He passed at 44 years old – I’m 39, now.

BHK is working at the food bank tomorrow with Kim Martucci and co at WUSA9. I bet they’ll have a good time doing good works – I wish I could go with ’em!

Got my Holiday scheduled for 12/24-1/2 this time around. I’ll still be "on call", but hopefully there won’t be many fires to put out.

Well, I’m ready for bed – BHK made some fantastic quiche to go with dinner salad, so I’m packed to the gills. Combine that with a little TV, and I’m zonked. I’m caught up with the shield, now – not sure what other tivo’ed things to consult next. Journeyman? Eli Stone?

I’m watching Dexter on the PSP during the Metro trip into work. 3 episodes in now, and It’s not too bad thus far. I still really don’t find myself sympathetic to him – still seems quite the monster, despite his only "killing bad people". I guess I just like my protagonist to be a good guy, and not a serial killer.

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