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Writer’s Block: The tenth time’s the charm

Not sure… we have some default movies we watch every year at one point or another. I’ve seen all of the below at least a dozen times each over the past 30 years or so… I doubt I’ll get tired of them at this point.

Pure Nostalgia – I will not turn the channel if it’s on, if I have a choice. Most, but not all, are great flicks.

Quatermass & the Pit – (it was on groovie moives something like… every third weekend when I was little. I dig it.)

Blade Runner
The Thing (Kurt Russell version)
Big Trouble in Little China (see above!)
Time Bandits
12 Monkeys
Shaolin Soccer
Kung Fu Hustle
Any Godzilla Movie
Blues Brothers
Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai across the 8th Dimension
Three Amigos – Last Movie I saw with my Dad.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (almost any Gene Wilder Movie, really)

Halloween Movies –
Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Evil Dead II
28 days later
Event Horizon (BHK says NO!!!) 
Dawn of the Dead / All in series and remakes

Christmas Movies –
Die Hard
Christmas Vacation

Now playing: The Residents – Cry for the Fire

10,080 – Sunday

Pye and Me watching the Saints / Vikings game (Saints won – going to the super bowl!)


Another day out and about – in a nutshell –

Giolittis with in-laws (The veggie sammich is better than the calzone, both are great, though)
window shopping for furniture in Annapolis with the in-laws
Chinese food
football on the tube while BHK and I play DS Indiana Jones Lego together.

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10,062 – wednesday

It’s weird that my life is so cross-referenced on the web that I post 4 entries in various parts of facebook  for each journal post I make. sorry about that!

Watched There Will Be Blood last night with BHK. (We’re rolling the netflix queue again)… and, not to sound like the horse from Ren & Stimpy, but No sir, I dodn’t think I have any use for the movie. It seemed like a very long 2nd act to me. Didn’t surprise me that it was from the same cat that did Magnolia, another film I didn’t really dig. No sir, I don’t like it.

My newest nickname is “Dr. Polarbearchesthair” for taking care of BHK while she has the sickies – If I can just get the laptop to the bed, maybe she’ll rest! Fortunately, she has her DS and a copy of Lego Indiana Jones to keep her situated for the time being.

assorted doodles from today – first – from the end of there will be blood. Take that, Eli!


The next – a random guy blowing bubbles


Lastly, my head falling for no good reason.


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10,061 -Tuesday

I like that I live somewhere that still uses horse-drawn carriages alongside the jets. 

BHK and I finally viewed Watchmen last night – not bad.. I actually think I prefer the revised ending, though the characters itself needed a lot of explanation to BHK. I give it a 6/10… Better than it might’ve been.

BHK still has her cold – looks like it’s moving down from her sinus to her chest now – hopefully, it means she’s getting better.

Got Heron: Steam Machine for the Wii – or “Yet another pipes game” – it’s a lot of fun, and stress levels are high, especially in multiplayer.

Off to the grocery – going to get some filling for tonight’s quiche feast!


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10,059 – panorama gone haywire!

when automatic panorama photos go bad… I’m a hovering decapitated head!

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10,052 – Farewell UNTIL THE SUMMER, Amy!

bhktoad  S6305654  S6305653  S6305652  S6305651  S6305650

Dictionary Dabble, Carcassonne – New World, and Valley of the Mammoths played.

BHK Did really well – Winning all (She and I tied in Dabble) I think it was the green knit cap I got her for Christmas – Mandy said she looked like toad (a mushroom person) from Super Mario… of course, BHK had to take that and run with it (see above)

Amy is off to NY again – We’ll miss her! BHK and I are going to have lunch in Deale soon with the in-laws. tomorrow, Sean is coming over for some year-end games, too, maybe we can whomp on him and Andrew a bit then!

Random thought in my head lately – I really like grappling hooks. One of my fave gadget / tools in video games, RPGs or even just in general. Swung by hand or fired from a gun, it doesn’t matter.

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9982 – Veteran’s Day

Thank you, Thank you to everyone in the military, past and present devoted to protecting us.

In honor of Veterans day, I post a picture of me as G.I Joe, fighting an evil yeti.

It isn’t all commies, nazis and terrorists, you know!

Disclaimer, that isn’t really me… I was just told that it looked like me, by David. I hope he was referring to the Joe, not the Yeti. 🙂

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