#10820 – Monday the 20th.

Dr. D passed away last week. You’ll be fondly remembered. Thanks for introducing me to Umberto Eco, and not talking to me like a kid.

Tonight when I get home, we should be at the final clip for hanging up ornaments. The in-laws went to visit BHK’s grandparents pre-Christmas last weekend, so we deemed it better for them to rest up.

Tonight’s a lunar eclipse – I won’t be staying up to see it, but should be a nifty show!

Let’s summarize the weekend a bit.

To play catch up with pictures posted earlier – Went with Amy & Wanda  to Tuba Christmas @ Our Lady Star of the Sea church in St. Mary’s  and then had supper at Laughing Buddha – a lot of fun, and more interactive than I’d have thought.  Sunday was otherwise pretty exhausting for both BHK and me.

Saturday – we spotted a snowman by post office, and put some sideways disco balls out on the ground around our house to emulate snowfall. About all we did was listen to holiday music, and then I played a lot of Sam & Max

Friday – Rested at the house… didn’t do much of anything, really.

Finally, The Good Guys was canceled. Boo. I loved that show.

1 year ago – many pics – pano of the snow, me in a mad bomber hat, snow snow snow!
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11 years ago ave maria, newt’s 5 trip to the vet – broke 4lbs

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