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10,828 – Tuesday

Nice day today – pleasant events included some material gain – entered bottle code and got a kindle 3 for my trouble — Looking to filling the it with lots of free goodies when it arrives. (How to do almost everything with a kindle 3 )

If you mail me a goodie – anything like a .txt .doc or .pdf – it’ll pop up on my kindle. This is the address: scottobear@free.kindle.com

I also  got an unexpected holiday windfall in the bank, too.

Quick breakdown of holiday loot in no particular order –

  • A lovely fair isle knit cap from BHK – green and gray, covered with little knit robot designs – pictures to follow.
  • A nice wallet from the in-laws, including a gift cert for my friendly neighborhood comic store (third eye in annapolis), plus they picked up all the comics in my folder.
  • Plants vs Zombies from Cathy & Dave!
  • A boatload of candy in my stocking from santa
  • chocolate covered pretzels from the zombies
  • chocolate covered cherries from the kitties
  • shake-cup for drinks from Cathy & Dave
  • hand knit fair isle cup cozy from amy rose
  • A nice check from the grandparents in-law
  • a nice check from the in-laws
  • a nice check from the momster and wilton
  • a spiffy calendar from Sean & J
  • gift cert to gamestop from Adam
  • … more to follow in the mail from Kev and Danny coming soon!

What the.

At least 45 people, most of them voodoo priests, have been lynched in Haiti since the beginning of the cholera epidemic by angry mobs blaming them for the spread of the disease, officials said.

“People who practice voodoo have nothing to do with the cholera epidemic,” said Max Beauvoir, the head of a voodoo organization in the Caribbean country.

Some of the victims were killed with machetes, others were burned alive by mobs that added tires and gasoline to stoke the fires. The cholera outbreak started in October.

The victims have been targeted because of “misinformation” that had been circulating in the community that voodoo practitioners were spreading cholera by using witchcraft, according to communications Minister Marie-Laurence Lassegue.

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Now playing: Tally Hall – Banana Man

9715 – Friday – Beware the ides of May!


Newton demanded equal op art rights for Pye’s pic yesterday.

BHK got a massive collection of books and boardgames from freecycle today – enough for a new game a night for at least a week or three. Most of the books will be passed on to goodwill or mulch-too smoke damaged or not interesting enough to keep- but a few goodies in there.

We went to lunch with Chris at the BBQ place – I think BHK’s assessment of Chris just wanting to go out was right.

Spoke to mom on the phone – Bro getting a DNA test w/Shannon – Odds are good that he’s the dad, but it can’t hurt to be sure. (more sure?)

Jay, Duncan and Sean came over tonight for hot dogs and fixings – Jay and Dunc took off afterward, but Sean hung out to watch "Let the right one in" with BHK and me. I liked it more than BHK did. (I give it a 6/10 or so – BHK didn’t like the pacing, which I thought fit the story)

Final note of the evening, I love teddy grahams.

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9693 – Sunday

Cookout on the porch with in-laws – burgers on the grill, baked potato, Brussels sprouts, lemon meringue pie

Very nice night – warm, a few lightning bugs are making appearances already.

Getting a wee bit tired of all the hype that twitter is getting. (Mine is usually just a link relocator or an automated alert mechanism for larger journal posts)

Lilacs are booming and are fragrant.

UPS battery needs to be replaced on the main computer.

Jonah Hex movie info.

Sex Attacks based on Bat Demon.

Men in parts of Tanzania’s main city, Dar es Salaam, are living in fear of a night-time sex attacker.

A BBC correspondent says the attacks are being blamed by some on a demon called “Popo Bawa” meaning winged bat.

Some men are staying awake or sleeping in groups outside their homes. Others are smearing themselves with pig’s oil, believing this repels attacks.

Reports of the demon’s existence have been common for many years in Zanzibar, where locals claim it originated.

The BBC’s John Ngahyoma in Dar es Salaam says not many people actually believe that the demon exists and there have been no sightings.

But Mbaruku Ibrahim, who hails from Zanzibar, says the story of the demon is common there and people in his village on Pemba island sleep beside a huge fire outside their houses whenever it is said to appear.

The story goes that the bat is able to transform itself into a man at night and it has also been blamed for rapes of women.

Sheikh Yahya Hussein, a prominent astrologer in Tanzania, claims that the demon is a spirit that is unleashed by witches to torment their opponents.

Belief in witchcraft and superstitions is widespread in Tanzania, especially in rural areas. 

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9632 – Friday –

Lucky day today – in a nutshell –

  • Bought $5 worth of scratch-offs – won $12.
  • Insurance is going to pay to repair the wheel issue on the love cube.
  • BHK got $9 back in cash and free popcorn and cheap soda pop at Safeway.
  • It’s Friday!
  • BHK made yummy veggie soup.
  • Ugly Betty was pretty fun!
  • Promising emails in the works, regarding the condo association.

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9629 – Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday!

In-laws came over and we all had pancakes for Dinner tonight – along with some deviled / boiled eggs, it made for a tasty end of the day.

Larry and I tried spotting the green comet Lulin tonight, but to no avail – the neighbor’s house blocked out that part of the horizon. Maybe sometime this weekend, we can head out to the boardwalk and try to spot a section that isn’t too lit up.

Word of the Day – EVOE! (from the Conception of Dionysus)

"Zeus stretched out on Semele’s bed in the form of a bull with human limbs. Then he was a panther. Then a young man with vine shoots in his curls. Finally he settled into that most perfect of shapes: the serpent. Zeus prolonged their union like some story without end, a rehearsal of the life of the god about to be generated. The snake slithered over Semele’s trembling body and gently licked her neck. Then, gripping her bust in one of his coils, wrapping her breasts in a scaly sash, he sprinkled her not with poison but with liquid honey. The snake was pressing his mouth against Semele’s mouth, a dribble of nectar trickling down onto her lips intoxicated her, and all the while vine leaves were sprouting up on the bed and there was a sound of drums beating in the darkness. The earth laughed. Dionysus was conceived just as Zeus shouted the name with which for centuries he was to be evoked: ‘Evoe!’"

That’s all I’ve got. Until later, dear journal.

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9613 – Wednesday

Carrot goldfish floating belly up – instead of sacrificing it to the garden, it’s being fed to the squirrels.

BHK bought us some new Pillows – comfy, but I still prefer a minimalist approach under my noggin when I sleep.

TVP burgers with leftover Mac & Cheese – Watched an episode of Ace of cakes, then Homework night! Catching up last minute goodies for tomorrows meeting. Until later, dear journal!

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9549 – sunday

We also got a nativity set at the same time we picked up the tree.

our nativity set. Bears, and etc.

Bears! View full size for maximum effect. We added some other items to the scene – Pye and Newton had to be there, and it spiraled out from there.

We went over to the in-laws for pancake breakfast after sleeping in nicely this morning. I had a bit of an allergy attack, had to head home – did some work-work stuff, folded some laundry and put lights on the tree while BHK did household work and made use quiche with cheese, veggie sausage and green peas… and some veggie sausage-biscuit balls, too. *VERY* tasty and hearty fare. The in-laws came over too, and we just hung out and chitty-chatted – watched some old episodes of Newheart and the Honeymooners on WGN –  The in-laws are out the door now, and BHK is sleeping on my lap… but now it’s time for bed.

Until later, dear journal!

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Writer’s Block: Reading Aloud

Well – keeping it to the mortal realm ("God reading the bible" would surely destroy me – the True Voice being is too pure and too powerful to be heard by sinners, thus, instant death.)

Stepping to mortal flesh, I’d love to see the Sermon on the Mount, even though that wasn’t originally delivered (if it was ever actually performed) as Author to Reader. I don’t speak or comprehend aramaic, but to just be there at the original would be beyond amazing.

Most of the literary classics were Greek, Latin, French and German. Even Borges nifty stuff is Spanish.

Perhaps it’s best to fade to more contemporary and in my native tongue.

I’d likely go for Mark Twain, as long as I could get a beer with him while he pontificated on his choice of writing.

Biblical Side note – The highest of the Archangels (and therefore the highest of the Seraphim), the Metatron acts as the voice of God and occupies the throne next to the Divine Throne of the Almighty.

Derived from the Latin Metator, Metatron can be translated as "guide" or "measurer".

Some claim the Metatron was the prophet that was turned into an angel, taken to heaven, and given 36 pairs of wings. Some believe him to be the angel that led the Hebrews from Egypt. A few theologians call Metatron "Lesser YHWH" which stands for the most sacred and unpronounceable name of God in Hebrew (well, the YHWH part anyway). Metatron is also said to be the tallest of the angels from 13 to 18 feet depending on the source, about 2 to 3 times the height of a normal man. For reference, remember that Goliath is believed to have been about 9 feet tall.

The Metatron was thought to have many names. Yahoel, Yofiel, Surya, and Lad are just a few of his 72 other names. Some believe that he carries the Jews prayers through 900 levels of heaven to God.

It is Metatron’s task to sustain mankind (as seen in Kevin Smith’s Dogma, he interacts with the humans to prevent their demise). He has been known as the link between the human and the divine. After arriving in heaven he was transformed into a spirit of fire and equipped with 36 pairs of wings. In addition, he has countless eyes with which he sees over all the earth. He resides in the 7th heaven and, when he feels like it, appears as a pillar of fire (as the one in Exodus which handed down the ten commandments to Moses). He is the supreme angel of death. God tells him who is to die, he then tells angels below him to take care of the gruesome task.

Metatron is said to be the highest of all the angels, more so even than Michael or Gabriel. The burning bush, pillars of fire, and any other time a human thought he was talking to God, he was actually talking to Metatron (except those sort who are actually just talking to themselves – who can say?)

9491 – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Dear Journal!
hallowdoodle .S6300787

Current mood – Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc

Trimmed the ‘stache to less sleazy-looking levels, but the whole goatee is coming back or I’m cutting it all off.

After work yesterday, BHK and I met with Adam and Eric for dinner at Hard times cafe. It was $4.99 chili mac night, so I was all about that. BHK and Adam got the chili dogs, and Eric took the healthy high road with grilled chicken sammich.

we spent an hour or two talking about politics, who is voting for what and why – I hope Adam finds his voters reg card. Eric seems to be allying with the ‘phants, while BHK and I are leaning a bit more toward the ‘keys. It was all civil, though, and we had a good time ribbing one another.

Played a smidgen more of fallout 3 last night… got gunned down severely while working under bhk’s guidance.

NOT a game for kids… pretty graphic when you shoot a guy in the head – and a lot of dubious morality.

Right now I’m playing the high karma path… being nice, helping out. I can see going back and wiping out the town, though, later, just to watch it go up in a mushroom cloud.

Not going to do the trick-or-treater thing tonight – instead, we’re off after work to the Edgar Allan Poe grave and memorial site in Baltimore for a little walk around the necropolis, and have a generally spooky time.

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And, I’ll play you out for now –

9410 – Monday


Allison’s B’day! I buttered her nose while she was distracted by playing audiosurf. (Got it for $5 this last weekend.) I was a little disappointed that my mp3 of Christopher Walken reciting Poe’s “The Raven” was so linear.

As a gift / party-favor to all for BHK’s day – A GAZILLION Free to print and play games.

Oh BGG, how I thank the Internets you’re there.

If you’re not into free games, (or even if you are, dear journal) here’s a stop-motion zombie movie called Chainsaw Maid. Best zombie film this year. (from the same people who did Bloody Date )

No Lebanese Taverna Tonight – Falafel time must wait – instead we hit Gallo’s Deli – food is still pretty good. Not as superior as Selby, but only a block or two from the house. BHK opened the remainder for her loot tonight.

I got her an assortment of little trinket-treats – My faves were earring-studs in the style of mexican sugar skulls and a bottlecap pin with a pirate inside saying ARG in letter beads…. but I’m partial to things skully. I need to take a picture of BHK’s loot pile – other items were a lovey charm, a ouija board pin, and a horde of coupons to do / get things, from getting me in a good mood to a movie night with no snarky comments. (2 nights, if neither are Jane Austen-related).

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120 years ago – A plant grows in Mexteca, Mexico, which the natives call the “herb of prophecy.” A dose of it produces sleep similar in all respects to the hypnotic state. The subject answers with closed eyes all questions that are put to him, and is completely insensible. The pathologic state brings with it a kind of prophetic gift and doublesight. Furthermore he loses his will and is completely under the control of another. On returning to himself he remembers nothing of what he has done. –Excelsior Cottager, August 25, 1888.