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10,067 – Monday

Hey! Today is a palindrome! 011110 !

A panoramic pic of the bay iced over from yesterday (bigger here)

4263588273_4eeceb72dc_o - 4264343410_fc95771676_o - 4684x1522 - SCUL-Smartblend

BHK made me a wonderful breakfast of veggie omelets and English muffin – nice dose of protein to begin the day solidly.

Bad news technology-wise… BHK’s laptop seems to have taken a nap from which it won’t awake. I suspect the internal power supply. Looking into cracking it open soon, if the alternate cable doesn’t fix her up.

Shadow of the Vampire this evening, while we strip the tree of it’s ornaments and lights – rather a counterpoint too last year’s Kolchak festival while putting on the goodies.

Started watching sanctuary tonight, but the allure of Big Kahuna took it over. We’ve made it to 94 of 99 levels complete, and all but one tropical fish unlocked.

Dinner of tasty twisty pasta and unchicken strips in a tomato-cream sauce, with lots of tasty garlic!

Janet sent me a pic of Danny from his Birthday on Los Olas – BHK thinks he looks cuter sans moustache.


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pic recap of New Years day Entry # 10,060

Mostly photos from the polar bear plunge, but some gaming (Valley of the mammoth – warning, cartoon nudity) and Hap-pye New(t) year!

Additional caution – if looked at too closely, you may see Scotto’s hair front and or back.

MVI_1951  IMG_2023  IMG_2018  IMG_2017  IMG_2015  IMG_2014  IMG_2013  IMG_2006  IMG_2005  IMG_2004  IMG_2003  IMG_2002   IMG_1998  IMG_1997  IMG_1996  IMG_1995  IMG_1994  IMG_1993  IMG_1993  IMG_1992  IMG_1991  IMG_1990  IMG_1989  IMG_1988  IMG_1987  IMG_1986  IMG_1985  IMG_1984  IMG_1983  IMG_1982  IMG_1981  IMG_1980  IMG_1979  IMG_1978  IMG_1977  IMG_1976  IMG_1975  [1] 010110, 100CANON, 4 images, IMG_1973 - IMG_2001 - 7485x3172 - SCUL-Smartblend  IMG_1973  [1] 010110, 100CANON, 6 images, IMG_1972 - Christmas 2009 028 - 5041x3725 - SCUL-Smartblend  IMG_1972  IMG_1967  IMG_1966  IMG_1966  IMG_1965  [1] 010110, 100CANON, 3 images, IMG_1964 - IMG_1967 - 4734x2716 - SCUL-Smartblend  IMG_1964  IMG_1963  IMG_1962  IMG_1953  IMG_1950  IMG_1949  S6305655  IMG_1930  IMG_1925  IMG_1921  0101000006.jpg

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9904 – Sunday.

We are officially heading to Florida via the Love cube on Tuesday, which means we’ll be arriving sometime on Wednesday afternoon.

If anyone reading this message in a journal-bottle sees this, is between DC/Maryland and Key West, and wants to meet with BHK and I sometime over the next two weeks, please let us know! Newton and Pye won’t be comind with us, the in-laws will be babysitting them closely while we’re gone.

I’ve been out of sync in posting to my journal lately and writing in general. It figures, since I have a new writing group going via email. I am hoping that my tardiness doesn’t slow down the project, especially since I’ll be out of good communications for the next couple of weeks.

While I’m in Florida I’ll be getting my Driver’s License, so I may even be able to do some of the driving on the way back. It turns out that it’s easier to take the test in Florida than to wait 3 years and do the rookie driving program in Maryland… especially since Florida doesn’tr want to send my expired license records to points North.

Additionally, we’ll be reiviewing the condo for repairs and upgrades, before we get another tenant there, doing a little low-grade vacationingon the cheap, too.

Back is a bit more sore than yesterday, but I have been good about walking over an hour a day, every day. I can feel that some exess weight has come off already, and that’s a good thing.

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