Back home from work… network was extra bonus fubarred today, plus the profiles were all rewritten again. I hope that this is the last time… Poor Sappho came in early and was still harried by the general populace to “fixitfixitfixit”. I left her alone today, as I had plenty of work to do myself…. Island Boy’s work isn’t hard, but it’s certainly an addition to my current load. I’ll be happier once I can return to my own projects and concerns.

Going to make some english muffin pizzas for supper… easy and quick, plus, they’re tasty!

I hope everyone had a nice birthday / unbirthday / indigenous people’s day / Chinese discovery day / Leif Erickson Day / Columbus Day / Thanksgiving / Monday Mine was good, but busy. I barely tasted lunch, and I ate it at about 3:30. My Senses narrow when I’m focusing…a degree of tunnel vision.

Newt’s certainly delighted that I’m home! He’s all nuzzy and purry. 🙂

According to the GPS… When I’m at “casual touring” speed, I bike at ~8.5 mph. when I’m in boogie-crank mode, I go at ~14.4… not much different… but I go about 4x my walking speed on wheels.

Know what? I’m glad they’ve never made a “Beetlejuice II” movie, Though I quite like the movie and Spun off Cartoon.

Hmm… Found a fun little time-sucker called I Used To It’s a collection of all those childhood ideas we once thought were true. You can add your own. 🙂 Looks like a lot of kids had boogie men in the potty.

Random Scotto Factoid – Something I believed as a child… right around 4th grade or so. I formed a theory on how we die… we’re born with an exactly even balance of fortune… when the doctor smacks us into life. That’s a little bad luck to get us rolling… after that, good and bad stuff come in spurts, and we die when it’s exactly even again. I tried to figure out what some balances were…losing your last pocket change in a soda machine balances vs. finding $.50 on the ground… the trick would be to find $.51… then you’re ahead. The pendulum goes back and forth like that until the debt / credit balance is returned to zero. I no longer believe it, but still think it’s a pretty nifty idea.

A point of interest for my sweetheart…. A new study suggests people with naturally red hair need about 20 percent more anesthesia than patients with other hair colors.

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