9571 – Monday

Back to Work! Didn’t kill the beard for now, but it’s still pretty close to the face. Not quite the "wild man from borneo"

I think I bit my lip while sleeping the other night – probably the ear thing again. Pain is mostly gone now, just a little irritant here and again.

Looks like snow outside – very gray day.


My jaw still looks a little out of whack and swollen… but it’s a lot better than before.

After work, BHK and I had Chinese food with In-laws, and discussed birthday plans for me – BHK has an idea for us to go to Puxatawney, PA for Groundhog’s day –

a few links for me to peruse before the trip – http://www.punxsutawney.com/calendar/ and http://www.groundhog.org

It’ll be the 123rd anniversary of the event – and my first time there, though I’ve wanted to go for some time.

Item of note – Phil’s Birthday Celebration, Punxsutawney Community Center, Peterson Room, Come and celebrate your February 2nd birthday Phil’s way. Cake and punch served. Free gift with proof of birth date.

Zonking out early .. poor BHK has had too much holiday excitement, I tihnk!

G’nite, dear journal.

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