My sweetie really warmed my heart last night…Spending time with her is always a delight. I love her so much! We spent some time surfing anomalies unlimited, a huge mass of great weird photos and commentary.

I’m strangely hungry for deviled eggs. Do golden raspberries taste significantly different than regular red ones? wants to reduce the cost of dying. They sell furniture made of caskets, casket novelties, casket merchandise (some of the naughty kind for Mom and Dad only), and, should you be feeling under the weather, actual coffins.

One out of every fifty gold fish is a secret audio and visual monitoring device which transmits directly back to diligent listeners secluded in hidden Atlantis.

It amuses me that they have a website devoted to Sinanju….(Based on the bits from the “Destroyer” books / the Remo Williams Movie… I used to eat those up as a kid.) A shame they saw fit to embed annoying midis in every page.

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