Newt Sezlate night supper fantastico.

two sun-dried tomato bagels with roasted bell pepper and soy-provolone toasted over the top, with a long, tall glass of sleepytime tea (iced/ with lemon)

Newt, on the other hand…. Mr. Predator… stalked and ate a beetle with great aplomb and gusto. My silly boy.

As a user of a dual monitor system for a few years now… this looks both nifty and silly at the same time. Interesting way to save space and still have a good laptop screen size.

The genome for the mouse is being published on several websites on Thursday. Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of creating Red, White & Green Xmas mice, plump savory eatin’-mice, and freakish radiotelepathic hive-mice with gestalt minds and a overpowering urge to dominate mankind.

*Must obey Mr. Squeaky- #34 of 67*

article here for reference in the future

Congratulations morganofthefay on the upcoming dynamic duo!

Last night, I spent about an hour painting a couple of small stone walls as part of terrain / diorama. It dried pretty nicely… I’m experimenting; working with a couple of color schemes… a sort of red/rust clay, and a more traditional greenish-gray stone color… Still torn as to which looks better. I may do one of the wall pieces as a mix and match… stone body, but with red brick trim. The set came with a few resin-cast “piles ‘o skulls” So I guess the ruined church / fortress has a graveyard or somesuch out back. The painting comes a lot more swiftly on walls and terrain instead of characters.

Thinking of my sweetheart in one of these… Belly-dancer meets flappers. More Cabaret than traditional… but there are some nifty ones.

It’s neat that I see the word yurt used regularly in common usage. I know of two or three people that have the word come up in conversation at least every few weeks or so.

Two Years ago today… the hungrybaby / mcnoggin saga began, listing some of the reasons why I love my sweetheart and a Christmas confession. (And some other stuff…)

brok brok!!!Hungrybaby!

A year ago today – Turbid, McNoggin Memories, levitated .net , and the pond poem.

Congrats to all the folks out there that are snowed in, but comfortable. Nothing like that here, until a Hurricane comes near.