Newt Sez: "Scotto! Come In Out Of The Rain, You Goon!" (He does that.. speaks in caps.)Ah Ayam Wet! Yez, Ah Ayam!Holy Guacamole.

It’s been raining, hard, non-stop since 8ish.

I rode my bike a mile home from the bus station in that. *Phew*

I arrived home about 20 minutes ago, soaked to the skin…. and the back yard is *full-o-agua*, as are the side boxes of plants on the south (front) and east (side)… I hope what’s there can handle being hydroponics for the duration.

I took a hot shower to counteract the cool shower on the way home… my fingertips are wrinkled, but I smell dang good. The upside of getting stuff at bath and body is that I can pick something up for myself, too.

It’s fun tracking stuff that’s being shipped to or from me. UPS shows each little hop, and it makes it fun to see where things have visited, and been acknowledged.

The Froggie laughs because he's waterproof. The Bastard. Nah, I like him. Me in a Santa hat... drawn this morning, when I was dry.... golly, it seems like it was days ago.

according to

Ships of the Desert, dreaming

Dreams of the Desert…It wasn’t too hot, traveling during twilight. Barefoot, I was walking a camel laden with goods to some distant destination. It was like walking on the beach.. My sweetheart was riding in front, scouting ahead and I had the tethers to both beasts in hand. I can still see her smile as she turned to me and confirmed that we were indeed heading in the proper direction. I don’t recall any other animals visible.. not a lizard on a rock or a fly in the air. The sun was low enough in the sky that everything was painted a shade of orange, and a sense of good feeling was in the air. There were a few palms (Dates? Coconuts? I don’t remember what sort) and an oasis with water rippling from a slight breeze.

Which desert was it? I’m not sure. It looked livable… not harsh or scrubby at all quite comforting, in fact. Maybe a good place to build a yurt… I would guess that the place we were heading would have ample supplies, and the kitty-boys would have plenty of room to run and play. I’m guessing they could chase more wakeful wildlife after the sun went all the way down.

On a completely different topic – Kitten “no hands” gallery

Well, with caravan thoughts on my mind, I’m off to work. Until later, dear journal.