Woke up at a reasonable time this morning…only slept for about four hours.

I want to bring the term “Jive Turkey” back into regular acceptable usage.

It’s not racist, sexist, or vulgar (as far as I know)… and it’s goofy enough to make sure that there is a minimum of hard feelings.

If I annoyed someone with my opinion, and he or she petulantly muttered “Jive Turkey”… I don’t think I’d mind much. I’d probably laugh, and ask for their take on what was being said.

Another term I’ve not heard in a while is “Neutron Bomb”. Has all research into those things stopped? Are they still feasible, but just not the trendy weapon of destruction, now that bioweapons are popular?

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Feeling creaky… off to the showers with me!

Can’t sleep. Making up for my snoozing late this morn?

Wishing I had some square sheets of paper, to make some star wars origami for Newt to fetch.

“Get the X-wing! Git it! Git it! There’s a Porkins-shaped treat in that one! Yum!”

Not wanting to read, which is what usually knocks me out.

I’m looking for patterns in the shadows, window-shopping on ebay for weirdness, Newt’s sleeping at the foot of the bed.

Well, I’m going to try to turn in again. Nigh nigh, dear journal.

*tummy grumble*

I’ve got a craving for a homemade bierock sandwich and a glass of beer. I haven’t had one since the early 80s… I would lunch at Brent’s Gramma & Great-grandma’s house (with Brent, of course) on the odd Saturday, after helping out around the yard and doing assorted chores. Faux-Gramma Ashland made a sandwich in a bread pocket with a filling of ground beef, sauerkraut, onions, and seasonings. It was fantastically filling and tasty meal, especially when she’d slip some swiss cheese in there (infrequently). I probably ate a thousand of those things over 1983/1984. Note…I’ve never had one with a glass of beer. She served ’em with milk. That woman took great joy in feeding me, and I enjoyed eating what she set out, a sweet arrangement all around. (Best food I ate that decade, I’d wager.) She’d chide Brent terribly about how picky he was… He would always have grilled cheese or a grilled bologna sandwich with tomato soup. That was it. No bierocks, no homemade liverwurst, no goblin-fart bread, no cabbage or kraut. He wouldn’t even eat potato pancakes. Little wonder he was so thin.

I bet I could make some outstanding (and far more healthy) ones with “soy beef”. I’m not sure what seasonings she used…let’s see what the internet says…quite a few hits just say salt and pepper to taste…. some less palatable looking than others. I’m going to go with this one. Looks pretty simple, though I’ve never made anything inside a bread shell before.