*Sending healing & huggo vibes to my sweetheart… She’s got a pesky winter virus. Don’t confuse the tea set with the neti pot!

Hurricane season is over, but last night was the most torrential rain I’ve seen all year.

I’m going to try this. – Virtual crop circles Land art created by traveling around with a GPS to make giant drawings… some are most excellent.

I’m thinking about getting one of these for my brother’s Christmas prezzie. (Bro, if you’re reading this, don’t click the link… it’s not for sure yet, and it’s a secret) Hooray for lindows!

Well, off the machine, and into a good book. Happy dreams, dear journal.

Crack out the tang and the little cereal boxes with the perforated backs. Tasty Breakfast Crapola!

Dinos do the glowing at night
Four Radioactive rubber monsters agree. The earth is lovely when it glows green in the sky. They like Sock Monkey.

It looks like picture trail is going to dissolve my free hosting of my old palm pics and a few other images, because I won’t buy an account. I logged in, and downloaded the pictures for rehosting elsewhere… there are about 60 of ’em, so what’ll probably happen is that as I look back over time, I’ll upload and replace the old links If I catch them. I’m glad that I have a few other sources, now. Plenty of room on my current host, and I think that one day in the future, I’ll have a static number for my home system, so I can just host from the hard drive, and not sweat these other host-toasties.

I’d like to stay home today, but my work ethic forbids it.

It amazes me that I can have so many feelings in my emotional palate, and yet each one feels distinct at the same time. Happy, concerned, hopeful, curious, thoughtful, irritated and loving all bubble on the brew that is my mind. How can you be joyous and irritated at the same time? That’s not really the term “bittersweet”. More like jalapeno-chocolate…it tastes good, but maybe not something you’d ask for. Each bubble, a different color, never mixing with the others, but swirling so close that the lines that separate can be hard to see, unless you look close enough to dye your nose. Different feelings bubble to the surface, splashing open, and covering some of the others, only to be covered themselves by the next bubble. I’m pleased that the base broth of the mental stew is of love, hope and strength. I understand that even the more harsh feelings can add some flavor to an otherwise possibly over-mellow blend. In the old days, they thought humors controlled temperament… The four primary humors being blood, phlegm, choler (yellow bile) and melancholy (black bile) would signify patterns of speech, behavior and other qualities that predominate in a human being. That’s where we get the terms Choleric (ego/blood), sanguine (nervous system), phlegmatic (etheric or life body), and melancholic (physical body).

Must research – ah, here.

Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy , describes the four humors: (see also here)

“Blood, a hot, sweet, tempered, red humor, prepared in the meseraic veins, and made of the most temperate parts of the chylus (chyle) in the liver, whose office it is to nourish the whole body, to give it strength and color, being dispersed through every part of it. And from it spirits are first begotten in the heart, which afterwards in the arteries are communicated to the other parts.

“Pituita, or phlegm is a cold and moist humor, begotten of the colder parts of the chylus (or white juice coming out of the meat digested in the stomach) in the liver. His office is to nourish and moisten the members of the body.

“Choler is hot and dry, begotten of the hotter parts of the chylus, and gathered to the gall. It helps the natural heat and senses.

“Melancholy, cold and dry, thick, black and sour, begotten of the more feculent part of nourishment, and purged from the spleen, is a bridle to the other two humors, blood and choler, preserving them in the blood, and nourishing the bones.

“An exact balance of the four primary humors makes the justly constituted man, and allows for the undisturbed production of the concoctions or processes of digestion and assimilation.”

The word feculent is *awesome*. Use it today, won’t you?

Shirt and skivvies that were hanging from last night’s torrent are dry enough to toss in the hamper… Khakis, however, need more hang time, and my birks are still waterlogged. I’m going to have to wear the ancient ones to work today instead. Note to self, don’t forget the rain gear again, though it was cool and refreshing, arriving that way at work would be a perhaps too much. Ew, just discovered that my folding money is soaked. I’m glad I have a Zip-lock baggie for the camera and palmtop, for just such events.

Some morning linkitude-
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