Beef chow mein at Lee Ho Fook’s

Annie is a very cool cat. -Brought to you by some guy that makes animal noises.

Newt and I have dealt with similar elements (especially those marked fetch, thief, proper training, and Halloween) He was very playful this morning… I had to wear him out before taking my shower. We must’ve run around for about a half hour or so.

I’m happy that my picture-server woke back up like a good boy.
CalibosClash of the Titans on Sci-fi this morning as I get ready for work… Perseus (Hee hee…I still crack up when I see him on LA Law), the ancient Greek while sneaking away from Calibos invisibly, leaves footprints shaped like wing tips in the sand. I guess winged sandals have a pointed toe and a squared heel.

Good line from Burgess Meredith – “A divine gift should never be questioned, but merely accepted.”

I still think Bubo is a pus-filled sore as a result of plague, not a wacky r2-d2 sounding robot owl, though.

I got a goodly dose of sleep last night… hit the sack early, and got my morning swabbing at 8. I slept like a corpse… just a total system shutdown. I don’t recall any dreems, but my sleep was quite deep.