A coon’s age? They live about 10-15 years.

I saw something tonight that’s going to give me dreams.. or maybe nightmares.. I wonder what.

What element of today’s journey through the hours is going to play back in my sleep theatre?

mskaren911 gave me some games on CD today… Serious Sam and house of the dead 2… Killin’ Zombies. It was nice of her… she knows I dig stuff similar to that.

Well, I have a windows update here.. time to reboot and see what happens. Night night, dear journal.

Froogle… Google shopping. hmm. oh, this is evil. I could be made to spend a lot of money with only a little prodding.

Thank you for the beautiful homemade card, sholanda! The Sticker is still pine-y fragrant, too!

Monkeys prefer gender specific toys – Researchers at the University of London gave a bunch of toys to some monkeys. The boy monkeys played with boy toys, and the girl monkeys played with girl toys.

Hmm… your own genitals as a refrigerator magnet… or as soap!

Ok… everyone on my friend’s list that’s sick… get better, already. My sweetie’s doing well now, thank goodness.