I’ve got a good, and positive attitude… Thinking and reflecting on experience usually makes things work that way.

My gosh…has it been two months since my sweetheart’s birthday already? It’s hard to believe that it’s practically Christmas…after that my birthday will be along in no time!

Keywords this week

Nice Trip… got some nice stocking stuffers, and holiday cards.

Mayah was a fuss-budget when we were in the car, but as soon as we got out, she calmed down, and behaved nicely.

Newt likes some of the smells from Bath & Beyond… he went fro my wrist when I returned home.

Well, time now to start addressing…If you sent me you address before, and I didn’t email you yesterday… please resend me your address at scottobear@livejournal.com .

I lost my snail-mail master list. dagnabbit!

Getting together with Dave in a bit to go Christmas Shopping for a few hours… Toys R us, and a few other spots here and there. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get finished today after all.

I hope I get to talk to my sweetie tonight… been thinking about her quite a bit.