Version two of Scotto

Scotto v2

I’m trying my hand at shading… I don’t know if I like him better than this one or not. I think the skin tone might be a smidge dark.. it’s me after a few days in the sun.

Custum Scotto v1

and here’s the source figure –

Source figure

I didn't want to get up this morning

Work’s Holiday party is tomorrow.

That = free lunch, and being paid to chitty-chatty with the other folks there. (That’s why I prefer to have the Christmas Party during work hours… get paid to feed your face, plus, I don’t have to make any effort to go anyplace else.

It looks like I’m getting a Day off Christmas Eve, probably. (It might be a half-day for some, but I come in late-shift.) There’s a bonus.

I got my Mail-prezzies sent off today. Luck willing, they’ll make it there by the top of next week.

Thank you, Kay, for the lovely Snowman card!

Please pet this innocent tissue to be used without any complain every day.

(Eco kun)
Eco Kun!
He is made with environmentally friendly 50% recycled paper. Likes to read a book on a shelf. He has an ability to eat trash and produce recycled paper.

I slept very late this morning…possibly a side effect of yesterday’s procedure. Newt was particularly sniffy and curious about me this morning… poking his nose and nuzzling my face from eye socket to under the chin. I was giving him pets the whole time, and he was just purring like a lawnmower.

Anyhow, not much to say this morning, Dear journal, except that work awaits. I’m going to try to send my packages from the mail shop.