Home again… Just relaxing, and taking it easy.

I know folks that’re going to the two towers tonight at midnight. I’m looking forward to the reviews. I hope that they’re good.

I’ve got to fast as of midnight tonight, so I’m having a meal now. Mac & cheese and peas. Yum. Starchy comfort food.

Ew… Clinton and Demi Moore? Probably pure rumor, but…I bet if he separated from Hillary, it’d *help* her political career.(I really don’t want to see that… I feel that she’s as much of a problem ethically as her husband, politically speaking.)

Newtcam pic du jour…

Going in for 2nd epidural tomorrow. I’m glad I can get it done before it gets too cumbersome. Had fun dancing with the insurance companies….finally, the admin at the pain center took care of it. I hope Santa brings her something special.

NPR recently did this report on “The Sounds of Christmas”, an intriguing art exhibit at Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art. With the help of local DJs, artist Christian Marclay takes hoary old Christmas albums and mashes them together into funny, sometimes eerie sound collages. (Thanks scrub!)

Off to work. until later, dear journal!