My Brother found a stray black cat (with slight red/brown highlights) at the 7-11… no collar or tag. There’s now a found notice at the store, and the bro gave kitty a bath and a can of tuna. (I wouldn’t let her near newt.. I don’t want a repeat of what happened with Fritz a couple of years back. She can talk to Newt through the window until she gets a checkup. She’s *very* affectionate with my brother. Why not? He’s a doll, and fed her a whole can of tuna… she got a little bowl of Newt-kibs now too. Wolfed them down like there was no tomorrow. He’s becoming very attached already… wants me to post a poll with ideas what to name her. Sure, I can do that.


Thank you for the swell holiday cards, ldy, danigolden, and nashata!

Thank you for the miracle fish, Dani! Perfect fit! (And you recognized who was on the card! 🙂 )

Nashata… your words are so very kind, and well fitting for this holiday season.

Ldy, your wish is an excellent desire for any time of year, and this season is especially ideal.

They’re all wonderful. 🙂

Happy Birthday, eebomb!

plum pudding = steaming brown mound of suet and plums. *gag* just say no. If you want Victorian… have a snickerdoodle or something.

Sakes… where’d the cool weather go? nights are back in the 70s.

47.0° F / 8.3° C was the low on the 16th.
62.0° F / 16.7° C was the low yesterday.

last night, it was 71.60° F / 22.0° C

There was a beautiful full moon… I could see everything lit by the pale face quite comfortably. It was a good night to sit out front and read by porch light.

Some Fort Lauderdale Factoids –

  • There really was a fort that went along with Fort Lauderdale. The city got its name when Major William Lauderdale set up a small fort here in 1838 to protect local settlers during the Second Seminole War.
  • Fort Lauderdale is often called the Venice of America and for good reason. The city boasts more than 300 miles of canals, channels and rivers. Many of the inland waterways are in reclaimed marshland that was drained in the land boom days of the 1920s.
  • Fort Lauderdale is the center of Florida’s Gold Coast. No, it’s not named for the tourist dollars raked in each year. The name comes from the shipwrecks that occurred in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when Spanish treasure ships hugged the coast on the way home in an effort to avoid storms, but instead sunk on the reefs.
  • We have more than 100 species of butterflies.
  • There are so many canals and tributaries in town, there’s a water taxi to take you form place to place. (Actually, it’s more of a jitney. You can pay $7 for an all day pass) I think that there’s approximately 60 stops… bookstores, malls, parks, etc.

MMmmm… Star Wars Christmas cards. I think the one with R2-D2 in the antlers, and C-3P0 in the Santa outfit is maybe too deep a peek into their lifestyle.

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About 100 Fort Lauderdale live journals are updated daily. (There are 718 total, as of this writing. maybe 280 or so are updated within the last week.)

Newt before bed last night. is that the moon in his eyes?

Teeny Tiny Little Old Ones in Antarctica: Organisms that have lain dormant for 2800 years sprang back to life after scientists retrieved them from a frozen lake in the Antarctic. The lake has been buried under 19m of ice – yet it appears to contain life-forms.

Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif.
full story for when yahoo expires