I think that I gave a kid a life lesson today.

During my journey between home and work, I’m tooling down Andrews Ave, going at a good clip. The weather’s nice and I have a healthy tailwind.

I scoot past a bench Just south of Oakland Park, and there is a clench of four fifteen- or sixteen-year-olds horsing around.

“Dude, I’m gonna jack your bike!” was bellowed out to me by a particularly rambunctious one…and then I ground to a halt, because I had arrived at the bus stop. Even before I dismounted, his friends could be quoted as saying “Oh, Shit… He’s going to Jack you, now!” and he was pleading in a sad little whine…”I’m sorry… sorry.. please…” I don’t think I have a mean face on… I smile, and say “No sweat… I’m just waiting for the bus, too. I’d be careful what I yell though.. there are a lot of psychos out there, y’know.” Looked genuinely frightened, and apologized about three more times, to which I replied each time “No problem, it’s cool”. His friends, to their credit, didn’t razz him too much, just sort of sat quietly during the ride.

I’m not *that* scary looking…he must’ve frightened himself more than I could. I hope my smile was taken as genuinely friendly, and not predatory. I think he was put at ease, some, but it was a quiet ride, considering there were so many teens aboard.

I wonder if he learned anything, or if he’ll do that sort of stunt again in the future. I feel that he won’t misbehave in that way again.

Fortunately, some of the “Little kids think I’m keeno” vibe at Mayah’s birthday party a while back stuck… I don’t like feeling like I’m just all about the intimidation.

When you’re following an angel…

Strange, scene-shifting dreams last night… Pretty, pleasant, and comforting.

Music makes my heart happy… Hearing one of our songs makes me think about my sweetheart and brings a smile to my face.

Santa’s Soldiers is a fun idea… I’d like to see it as a mod for a video game, but to keep the enemies on a par with Santa’s elves level…leave the humans out.

A classic from last year… the coolest Christmas present.

A(n?) LJer with 3 different accounts and over 700 friends has linked to me. Where does a person find the time to read *700* journals? I don’t think they do… it looks like yet another “trolling for reciprocal links” effort.

The Bro brought me a bottle of eggnog this morning…it’s weird seeing him awake at 8 am I took a sip, but it’s too rich, first thing in the day.

I noticed this morning that Newt’s too big to get under my dresser. Now… he bats bottle-rings (in this case, nog) and they seem to gravitate there. I’m going to have to go down there and see what else has gone AWOL into the Newt-free zone. I wonder how Blackie’s doing in the snow, and if he’s gotten any fatter for the winter months?

The object of Micheal Jackson Baby Drop (their spelling) is simple, but very weird. You are Adolph Hitler, and your mission is to catch babies dropped from windows by the Jackson family. Yeah. -Via Dave

Today’s Kitten Friday at work, to make up for no creature days the rest of the week…It’ll be neat to see how they’ve grown in a week, and to See Newt as gargantuan again when I get home. Sappho has a Maine Coon cat at home twice Newt’s size… he’s a beast, but a sweetheart. (She’s got three cats total at home, and they’re all adorable.)

Make a snowflake!

from the correspondence of Sven berg, customer, lover, concerned citizen

What Scott and Dan do when they’re bored? They email companies and Ann Landers in broken English, hoping for advice and free samples. It seems funny now. Will it be so when I wake?

To Wilson Tennis Racquets-

Hola Wilson Employee:

I am see no badminton part of your land here. I am look Badminton or shuttlecock but find none. How to find green one for girlfriend? Much the help like.

Your friend always,

To Ann Landers-

Hello to you Ann. Help me with this one, I know you can. Pleasing to be knowing you. Am asking this through the email for you to be helping me please. Sven met girl at badminton camp and Sven go with her three times now. Georgina wants sex, but I wait for spring season. Coach says no sex during season Sven. I listen to coach but Georgina says she’ll get sex somewhere else if I don’t give her. What is best? Mother says Sven thirty Sven have head in wagon.

All help good, sorry you died.
Your friend always,
Sven Sven Sven.

Sven’s profile for future emails-

  • misses his father’s horses and mother’s boxcake.
  • born of good means, sheltered and naive of the harsher realities of the world, but he’s no simpleton, he has a strong ethic and classic old world wisdom and charm, truthful ness code of honor,
  • committed of badminton, amateur status but quite good
  • residing in fort Lauderdale Florida and working on a degree at the university.
  • single
  • good teeth
  • healthy
  • collects timepieces, especially analog, antiques.
  • sails small boats and prefers to travel by canal rather than road.
  • writes mother once a week, but mother can’t read. (father reads to mother)
  • recently independent financially, having a tough time.
  • unsure of status with Georgina
  • volunteers in a soup kitchen every other Sunday
  • taking an EASL course, and is progressing nicely, if slowly.

Nighty night, dear journal.