Tonight’s film is Godzilla vs. Megalon. It has Jet Jaguar, but Monsters don’t show up until 40 minutes into the film. The MST version surely saves it.

Interesting enough day at work… Some nice challenges on the new program I’m developing… I have to do a lot of new code building… not much in my library to develop what they want.

Cool Christmas Tree Monster… good ol’ Megalon!

Zilla and Jet Save the day.
Jet Jaguar and Godzilla

Cool, clean feeling this morning… but I sense that it’ll go up about 5-10 degrees by midday. I don’t know if that’s why I have more energy, or if it’s just a contributor.

Two pieces of good news…the bro got a second job, working graveyard shift (11p-5:30am) and brought me a doughnut for breakfast. Hooray for the Bro! Hooray for Doughnuts! (I still hope he gets a Louie’s gig… he could make a really healthy chunk of change over the season.)

Helpful hint to keep those holiday goiters at a minimum… ordinary table salt.

Be careful which bar you go to…

Cool Geek places to shop…. including a Cat-a-pult with Newton the foam cat. There are some keeno fossil and space stuff, too. -Via Scientific American

Heat Miser Squeaked ahead, and Beat Snow Miser.

battle cry test