I rode the bike all the way home tonight, and I made better time than the bus. (Or at least equal.) I maintained an average speed of about 15 mph for the 7ish miles home, stopped at 7-11 for a bottle of water and some treats for my bro, and myself… and still got in the house by 9pm.

Joe Ostezewski (or was it Joe Ostaszewski?) at the 7-11 on the way home from work today. I knew him in my freshman / sophomore year in high school, before he became some kind of football guy for FSU. He recognized me before I recognized him. I’d say he’s put on quite a little weight since I saw him last, but he still looks healthy and happy. He was driving an SUV, but there were no other people in the car. I’ll write about the Ostazewski twins and my teaching them how to use the crappy “color computer II” (how’s that for dating myself?) for word processing a homework report, while I felt so smug to myself about having an Atari 800 at home with all the stuff shown here and a fidonet hub. I

Thank you cath555 for the card! 🙂

I’m happy that I’ve got wave one of my holiday cards out… another batch and I’ll have ’em done.

I’m unwinding now… painting tiny cemetery stone walls with the following scheme- chaos black, heavy dry brush – codex gray, light dry brush- fortress gray, highlights 50% skull white – 50% fortress gray. Turning out better than the reddish-rust ‘natural stone’ of the ruins I’ve been putting together over the last week or so.

Monkey Weiner pendant. I can see those catching on in the more flamboyant parts of town. see also the donkey parking sign

I’ve been hearing a lot more swearing lately in my travels. The C-word… rhymes with punt. The N-Word, Rhymes with bigger. Does every letter of the alphabet have a nasty word associated with it? I know there’s an F-word and cheap commitment hating-comedians call Marriage the M-word.

Is there a K-word? An I-Word? I’d like the official L-word to be Llama. Not because it’s a curse word, but it’s got two L’s in it, and it’s more cool (just a bit) than Lloyd, and they’re cute as the dickens.

Slept deeply last night, recovering charge…the dreams seem distant, even up on awakening… I couldn’t recall them enough to note them by the side of my bed.

I’m thinking about my sweetheart this morning, sending her thoughts of comfort and peace. She deserves to be bathed in starlight, cocooned in a gentle wrapping of blankets and held close in my arms as she drifts to a deep, pleasant sleep… and then awakening refreshed and clear so that we can frolic. I want to share with her my strength and huge degree of care.

I’m contemplating having holiday oranges… with a little vanilla yogurt and walnuts… a meme introduced to me about two years ago by bookfoole and sweetalyssm (Bookfoole had the oranges and walnuts…Sweetalyssm had the stroke of decadent genius to add the yogurt.)

My gosh, Christmas is in two weeks. I’ve got to get the rest of my goodies in the mail. I’m going to bring my cards to work, I think.