Thank you zoe for pointing me to The Surreal Gourmet! (The Fries w/ ketchup looks especially great!)

I’m having the toughest time loading lj-icons… I wonder what’s causing that little burp. All other images are coming up fine.

Bro’s being a buddy and doing laundry for me. (I pay for both of our duds to get suds, and he does the dirty work. I’m for that! He’s also picking up the bagels for lunch! Same deal.. I buy, he flies)

Newt’s sleeping on top of the computer monitor… I’m watching with fascination as his toes wiggle.

The A/C fan crapped out last night… I called the Landlord, and he’ll be by Monday morning to fix it. I’m glad it’s cool out! (I was running just the fan on low to keep the air circulating.)

Thoroughly enjoying a reread of Don Quixote today… I’m returning to that now that chores are done. The book is huge!

?! I went to make that link, and on the page was –

Customers who wear clothes also shop for:

  • Clean Underwear from Amazon’s Target Store (Does that imply they sell soiled undies somewhere else at Amazon?)
  • Ladybug Rain Boots from Amazon’s Nordstrom Store
  • Pet Socks from Amazon’s Urban Outfitters Store
  • Puppy Footed One-Pieces for Newborns from Amazon’s Old Navy Store

Well, I admit that I’m wearing clean underwear, but I fail to see the connection to The Man of La Mancha. Even less so, Ladybug rain boots.

Back to the book, dear journal.