First phrase heard after waking – “Everybody loves mass-produced cream-filled pastries!” – Dan Ackroyd in Caddyshack 2. (It’s been since switched back off)

Fell back asleep shortly after waking up, and slept another 4 hours. Newt was good enough to not patty-pat my face until about 8:30, so I think I have enough rest under my belt. I recall bits and fragments of the dreams from that time. Baked Alaska? I’ve not had that in ages. There was a large library, and there was a baked alaska on a table in the middle. I’m not sure if people were there… I don’t remember talking to any, or running from any (the two main things I do with most folks in dreams) though there was some sort of problem with the room… a gas leak or electrical trouble.

The Balloonhats project: two balloon-hat making photographers who toured the world, convincing strangers to wear balloon hats and pose for photos.

Anyhow… off to catch a bus. until later, dear journal.

P.S. Hey! It’s Friday the thirteenth! That Calls for a song!