Heh… I got myself another goodie box after going to the doctor. (It’s a random grab bag of Mage Knight figures)

There was another spine sucker inside. I’m beginning to see a pattern.

(I also got a pair of crystal protectors, a thorn maiden, darkwing zombie, Xandressan Sailor, Sect Executioner, and my fave of them, a Dwarven bombard.

My Back feels *great*… to celebrate, I had a few slices of mushroom and garlic pizza with Dave. (I bought him a goodie bag and lunch, too, to thank him for tooling me around today.)

The doctor says that he’ll send me a jpeg of the needles he stuck in my back, and the dyed solution showing where the stuff went. I’ll post that when I get it. It was much less painful than last time… I hardly noticed it at all.

Anyhoo, I’m home and relaxing now, organizing my toys and chilling out. I’m going to have to make my trip to the PO tomorrow morning before work…the pickup at UPS took far too long.

For Attainment of Old Age.

Avoidance of Worry and Moderation of Diet the Main Things, Says Dr. Dezso.

These comments on how to attain old age are made by a writer in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

“The chances of attaining old age are much greater if we live much of our life in fresh country air. Statistics go to show, according to Dr. Dezso of Budapest, that the fourth generation of the town dweller is unknown; but enough is currently reported to make the conclusion inevitable that the sine qua non of longevity is a certain amount of time spent in the country.

“The city child is subject to a number of disturbing conditions other than mere absence of creature comforts, which undermine the constitution by throwing too heavy a burden on the sense organs, through which exhaustion of the central nervous system follows; among these conditions are noises, a perpetual round of hurry, and unending sequences of incidents exhausting the attention to which are superadded the physical discomforts of vitiated air effluvia from human beings and waste organic products, besides offensive gasses and infection laden dust.

“To attain old age we have to relieve ourselves from worry, strains and anxieties, withdraw periodically from the whirl of effortful existence, modify our diet, omit the use of stimulants and narcotics, and spend reasonably long periods of time under pleasant conditions in practical retirement. Above all, amusement should be simplified and accepted rather than sought after. Only vegetable and semi-animal foods should be eaten.”

Minnetonka Record, January 23, 1914