Had a nice night out with Dan… Thai & sushi at the cove, good conversation. A pleasant time.

I come home tonight, and get a note in my mailbox from the new landlady telling me that I need to sign a new lease effective July 1 (two weeks from now) jumping my rent $125 more a month if I go yearly, or $175 more a month if I decide to stay on a month-to-month basis. To heck with that. I’m looking for a new place to stay in earnest, starting tomorrow. I know where that newfound bro-money is going to, now. Not into her pockets, surely… it’ll become a new security to add to my new place.

It’s a shame, but that amount is simply unacceptable for the neighborhood. for that price I could get a two bedroom. I hope I don’t have to deal with any other nonsense this month and can get my security deposit back with little difficulty.

via apartments.com, I already have about five decent options, and one allows pets right in the ad… not to mention this neighborhood has for rent signs up everywhere. I should’ve seen this coming, but I was hoping that she’d maintain the thinnest veneer of civility. too bad for her… she’s losing a quiet tenant that pays on time. I know the old landlord will write me a lovely recommendation. In a way, I’m glad it came to this… at least now I have an objective and know where I stand.

I’m overdue to hit the sack… more to follow tomorrow, dear journal. I’m off to meet up with my sweetheart in dreamland.

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